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A buttock augmentation can best be achieved using a patient’s own fat by way of a fat transfer. This is commonly referred to as a Brazilian buttock lift. Patients need to have enough of their own fat in order to be a good candidate for this procedure. Patients who are too thin may need to gain weight prior to surgery in order to have a good result. The fat can be removed from a variety of areas by way of liposuction- the most common areas being the abdomen, love handles, lower back and thighs. Some of the fat will shrink after a fat transfer to the buttock but the majority of it will survive and become permanent. It takes about four months after surgery to determine how much of the fat has actually survived. If a patient’s body weight then fluctuates up or down, the fat in the buttock will also go up or down accordingly.

The procedure takes about two to three hours to perform and patients will usually take off about one week from work to recover. It’s important not to sit directly on the buttock for about two weeks after a fat transfer. The longer you can go without directly sitting on your buttock, the higher the survival of fat cells and therefore the better the outcome. Most patients will use pillows and cushions if they do need to sit at work or to drive. Patients will also sleep on their stomach or on their side during the first few weeks after surgery.

A surgical garment is worn after the liposuction and fat transfer to the buttock in order to control the swelling and improve the contour. Some patients will often times wear a girdle such as Spanx during the post operative period as well. The garments are usually worn for about four to six weeks.

A Brazilian buttock lift is a great way to reshape not only the buttock, but also the lower back, waist and hips. Patients who have a square shaped buttock can be transformed into a rounder, fuller buttock with a better waist to hip ratio.

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