Dear Doctors, When I was 17, I lost 80 lbs over 8 months. Now I’m a medium (soft) kind of build, 25, 6’1″, 177lbs. I go to gym 7 days a week for a hour. My stomach now sags excessively, very wobbly. My question is, how much do I need to weight? 160lbs? I’d like a number people my size should be if possible & will the abdominal skin shrink back? If I can’t lose this skin or fat, (I’m not sure what it is), do you recommend Liposuction? What kind/where? Or is a Tummy tuck more appropriate? Please Help.

William Bruno, MD answers: Liposuction vs Abdominoplasty for male who had massive weight loss?

A: male tummy tuck vs liposuction after massive weight loss

Based on your photo, you have significant excess skin and would certainly qualify for a tummy tuck. There is not a role for liposuction in your particular case. Since you are now close to your ideal weight, all you really need is removal of the redundant skin. Liposuction or exercise will not change the status of your excess skin. A tummy tuck will also allow for tightening of your abdominal muscles which likely have become weakened or separated due to your increased weight.

Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in body contouring after massive weight loss.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno