I am pretty thin, never had any weight problem and never had any plastic surgery on my body. However, I have sagging skin on both sides of my middle back. I can even pull it up to under my arms. It is only skin without fat. Is there a type of lift for that? It really bothers me a lot. Thank you for your help.

A: Removal of excess back skin

If you have sagging back skin, there is a surgical procedure to improve your contour. This involves a surgical incision (scar) which runs horizontally across your mid/upper back, usually concealed in the braline. Although this scar is by no means invisible, it is necessary in order to remove your excess skin and give you an improved contour.The skin on the back is quite thick, and can leave a dark or red colored scar, which may not fade as nicely as skin on other areas of the body.

The recovery is not too painful as your muscles will not be harmed during the procedure, just removal of the excess skin. A compressive garment will be worn for a few weeks afte the procedure to help ensure a nice contour.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you’re a candidate for this type of body contouring procedure.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno