I had Restylane for tear troughs reversed (ocuplastic surgeon said he had to remove it all). You could see the raised areas clearly under the tear trough and this made the area beneath on my cheeks look indented and unnatural looking. A few hours after having it dissolved, I liked how I looked. The tear troughs were more noticeable, but there was a softer and more natural look. Unfortunately, the next morning the full ‘dents’ were back. Would I have benefited from a ‘partial’ fill of Restylane or was there some swelling after the hyaluronidase that gave me the illusion of a softer look?

A: Lower eyelid fillers

Sounds like you need a more definitive procedure such as a fat transfer to your tear trough/lower eyelid area. This is a relatively simple procedure that can be done under local with sedation.

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