People in Beverly Hills who want to get a butt augmentation sometimes get turned away because they don’t have enough fat. However, the average patient doesn’t know how much fat is required for a butt augmentation, so an evaluation from Dr. Bruno is always a good idea. In general, patients who have never had liposuction performed before and have a BMI of around 22, are usually good candidates for a butt augmentation. The procedure involves transferring fat from areas like the inner thighs, abdomen, back, and flanks, so a BMI in this range usually will yield the best results. But is there a specific weight that patients should target? The success of a butt augmentation lies in more than just the number patients see on the scale.

Body Types and Shapes

While there isn’t a specified weight or shape Beverly Hills patients should be aiming for when it comes to their weight, they should be at their ideal weight before getting a butt augmentation. Losing weight or gaining weight specifically for the procedure will be difficult to maintain since it’s not a normal lifestyle. Everyone’s body type and body shape are different. While the amount of fat is one factor in the projection patients get with their butt augmentation, it also depends on the current projection and the skin’s elasticity.

Should Weight Gain Occur Before a Butt Augmentation?

It makes sense for many Beverly Hills patients to gain a few pounds before their butt augmentation, just to be sure they have enough fat for a successful procedure. However, the truth is the that the results may be less than desirable since the weight gain worsens the overall figure of the body. Plus, patients may gain weight in areas where the liposuction will not be performed and won’t enhance the butt augmentation at all. When patients work with Dr. Bruno, he will ask whether they are at their ideal weight now, discuss what can happen with the results over time, and sculpt the body to produce the best possible results.

Be Careful with Future Weight Loss

Since a butt augmentation uses a person’s own natural fat, it can be lost when weight is lost. This is just another reason why Beverly Hills patients should be at their own ideal weight prior to coming into the procedure. It’s much easier to live with the results when it’s not a struggle to maintain a certain weight. The results from a butt augmentation can last for many years if women don’t gain a significant amount of weight, and they work with a quality plastic surgeon.

At William Bruno Plastic Surgery, we want our Beverly Hills patients to look and feel their best. Getting a butt augmentation can enhance your appearance just enough to give you a little added self-confidence. But no matter the reason why you want a butt augmentation, Dr. Bruno should be your first choice of plastic surgeons. He has performed hundreds of them over the years with fantastic results.

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