I am 31, with high cheek bones. Unfortunately, my cheeks are is starting to descend slightly, and I now have a racoon look. I am not ready for surgery and would love to try Restylane in this area, but I am very apprehensive because I am prone to inflammatory reactions, especially in the eye area. My eyes have a tendency to swell easily (they swell up like golfballs when I cry, and also have urticaria like reactions around the eyes when I sweat profusely or go swimming in the ocean). Am I a bad candidate for Restylane?

A: Lower eyelid fillers

Fillers injected into the lower eyelids have become increasingly popular over the last few years (restylane,juvederm). Although you stated you’re not ready for surgery, a fat transfer to this area will likely give a longer-lasting result.

Regarding your inflammatory reaction around your eyes and urticaria reactions, I would recommend consulting with an ophthalmologist and/or dermatologist to rule out any local disorders before considering either an injectable filler or fat transfer.