…or would i need to get smaller implants?

I was going to just have a breast lift but instead had breast implants put in also about 5 years ago, and my surgeon lied to me and told me I would be 2 cup sizes smaller if I just got a lift, so i got the implants, now i am in a 34G!! I want to know if I just get the implants removed and get a lift will my breasts look ok?

A: Breast Lift after implant removal

If you are not happy with the size of your breast implants and want to downsize, there a few ways of approaching the problem. The safest way involves removing your implants completely, then waiting about six months to allow the skin/tissues time to shrink and contract. Then, at a second stage you can undergo a lift (if needed) or insertion of smaller breast implants (if wanted).

The reason to do the surgeries in a “staged” fashion is to improve the blood supply to the skin and breast and minimize the chances of poor scarring and poor wound healing. Most patients may not like the idea of having two separate surgeries, but this approach generally gives the best, safest and most reliable results.

It is possible to remove your implants and have a lift all at once, however the final position of the nipple and breast shape are more difficult to estimate. This could lead you to requiring a revision if you’re not happy with the final outcome.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in breast implant removal (explants) and breast lifts (mastopexies).

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno