You should be in good overall health before undergoing any type of surgery. A mommy makeover Beverly Hills consists of a breast procedure and an abdominal procedure. Typically it involves a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, but can also include a breast lift and liposuction. Dr.Bruno evaluates the medical history and of his patients to determine if medical clearance by their primary physician is needed before surgery. Routing blood work and sometimes an EKG is required before surgery. Patients should also be at a stable weight before surgery. You shouldn’t plan to lose too much weight after surgery as this can impact your cosmetic outcome. Plan to take about one week off from work and have someone help you at home for a few days. If you have small children, you should avoid lifting the children for about a week or longer. Your prescriptions should be filled out a week before surgery and plan to have plenty of Gatorade available after surgery for hydration. You can also take Arnica before surgery, which is a homeopathic medication with can reduce swelling and bruising. Avoid all aspirin and Motrin products for about ten days before surgery. For more information on a Beverly Hills mommy makeover, please visit our website at or call 310-461-3855 for more information.

Mommy makeover patient-Dr.Bruno Beverly Hills