Hi. I am getting a Breast Augmentation and I’m having the hardest time choosing Moderate Plus or Moderate.

I am doing it under the muscle, and my areolas are a little far apart I want breasts that are perky, yet look natural and give me cleavage.

What should I choose? And is going through the areola a good choice?

A: Selecting a breast implant profile

First of all, an incision through the areola will likely give you the best, most inconspicuous scar. Also, having the implant under the pectoral muscle will likely give the most natural result. As far as the profile or projection of the implant is concerned, this is somewhat a matter of taste.

If you prefer a fuller, slightly more rounded look, then the moderate plus or high profile may be a good choice for you. The moderate profile is the more common implant style, and most would say this gives a very natural result. The moderate plus or mid-range profile implant is a very good choice as it is somewhere in between the moderate and the high profile.

The profile of the implant does depend somewhat on the width of your breast and chest wall; some patients are better suited for one or the other style.

Discuss this further with your board certified plastic surgeon prior to your breast augmentation procedure.