I’m 5’1″ 167 pounds. My ideal weight is 120 pounds. I plan on exercising and dieting before I do my mommy makeover, but I just want to know what weight I can do the the surgery? I heard that you should have 20 pounds so the lipo works better. I’m probably going to get a tummy tuck, lipo and breast augmentation with my makeover. Help?

A: ideal weight for mommy makeover

You should be at or near your goal weight prior to considering a mommy makeover procedure, which consists of a tummy tuck procedure and breast procedure.  There is no correct number that you should be at for the surgery however, you should be at a weight that you are comfortable with and that you can maintain.  The more weight you lose before surgery, the more excess skin you’ll have and therefore more skin can be removed at the time of surgery. This will all contribute to an overall better cosmetic result.  Also, the lower your weight going into surgery, the lower the risk of surgical complications.

Please discuss your situation in detail with a board certified plastic surgeon before scheduling your mommy makeover procedure.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno