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Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair. Overall, you’re very happy with your appearance. You have a fit, shapely physique and a pretty face, but your breasts just aren’t as full and present as you’d like them to be. You might even feel like the only one around you who doesn’t have a perfect shape. In truth, your feelings are shared by many women in Beverly Hills. Breast augmentation is a viable means to getting the size and shape you desire, but you want to be certain you won’t have noticeable scars to tell the tale.

Incision Location and Scarring

How noticeable your scars will be after a breast augmentation depends on two things: the location of your incisions and the size of your breast implants. Larger implants typically require a larger incision, although saline implants can be placed through a smaller incision regardless as they can be filled after placement. The location of your incision will be determined based on your specific anatomy and what you want to achieve. There are three incision locations used in breast augmentations:

  • Periareolar: this incision is made on the lower border of the areaola
  • Inframammary: this incision is made in the natural crease under the breast and is the most common type used
  • Transaxillary: this incision is hidden in the armpit but is used less frequently than the others

Each incision location offers its own benefits and drawbacks, but they can all heal quite well, especially with the use of silicone gels and silicone tape after your surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Bruno will take time to understand your goals and the specifics of your body to find the approach that’s ideally suited to you.

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