Hi, I am going to have the tummy tuck op because 3 years ago I lost significant weight. Despite all exercise my waist still needs improvement. Will I be able to exercise again regularly and do long sets of ab exercises as I do now (not immediately after the op. but in a 3-4 month time period)?

A: Exercise after tummy tuck

I recommend avoiding strenuous activity after a tummy tuck surgery for approximately three months.

You can certainly do aerobic activities such as an elliptical machine, stair machine, or stationary bike, as these are low impact and will be more comfortable for you in the early recovery. Avoid sit-ups for several months after surgery as this will directly stress the surgical repair of your abdominal muscles. If the surgical repair of your abs was done sufficiently, there will be little benefit of you performing high repetitions of sit-ups anyway. Heavy weight lifting should also be avoided for the first several months after surgery.

If you are doing a particular activity or exercise after surgery and you feel pain or discomfort, then you certainly should stop that activity.