I know there is a limit on a safe amount (about 5 liters) to be taken out in every session of Liposuction. However, does it matter how many areas it comes from? For instance, can you do waist, abs, hips and back/flanks in one session?

A: Liposuction safety and areas of treatment

For outpatient liposuction, 5 Liters of fat is considered the maximum amount that can be safely removed in one session. During that session, several different areas can be addressed, from one area up to four or five. However, if a patient is requesting or needs many areas (>5), one must give serious consideration to the patient perhaps losing more weight prior to the liposuction surgery. Some patients are under the false impression the liposuction is a means for them to lose weight; this is not true. The goal of liposuction is to improve contour, not to lower weight.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to considering liposuction.