Most patients will take off anywhere from 7-14 days to recover from a Beverly Hills Brazilian buttock lift or fat transfer to the buttock. The procedure involves liposuction of certain problem areas, usually the abdomen, thighs, love handles and lower back. The fat is then processed and re-injected into the gluteal area/muscle for added fullness and volume. Only a certain percentage of the fat cells will survive however, about 60-70%, depending on the technique used. So an important part of the recovery involves avoiding sitting on the buttocks for about two weeks after surgery. This is critical so that the delicate fat cells are not crushed in the early postoperative period, which would lead to loss of volume. Patients will therefore sleep on their sides and on their stomach in this early time period. Patients may also use special pillows or cushions to decrease the pressure on the newly injected fat cells.

So if you can avoid sitting for two weeks after a Brazilian buttock lift, you can preserve a lot of the fat cells which leads to a better (bigger) result.

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Brazilian buttock lift patient of Dr.William Bruno, Beverly Hills