A lot of my patients ask me if buttock augmentation using fat (Brazilian buttock lift) is a permanent way to increase the size of their buttocks. The answer is yes. Once the fat is injected deep into the gluteal muscles and tissue, the majority of the fat cells will develop their new blood supply and survive. However approximately one-third of the fat cells will not survive and shrink over the first few months following a fat transfer procedure. Therefore, since we end up losing about 30-40% of the fat, it’s important to over-correct at the time of the buttock augmentation surgery. This means that some patients will occasionally need to gain some weight prior to surgery to ensure a good result. It’s also very important not to sit or sleep on the buttock for the first few weeks following a fat transfer procedure. After a buttock augmentation procedure, it takes about three months before we know for certain how much of the fat has survived. Once a patient reaches the three month period after a Brazilian buttock lift, whatever fat they have in the buttock is permanent. If they decide to lose some weight, the fat in the buttock can decrease, but so will the fat in the rest of their body (arms, legs, etc.). Also if a patient gains weight after a buttock augmentation surgery, the buttock size will increase as well.