Women all over Beverly Hills are itching to get back into their pre-pregnancy body after they’ve finished having their children. Now, more than ever before, this is very possible (and attainable) with one surgical event commonly referred to as a mommy makeover.

Because we live in such a fitness-focused area, one of the most frequently asked questions Dr. Bruno hears during his mommy makeover consultations is regarding just that – how long after the procedure can patients return to their regular exercise routine? To find out more, keep reading as we discuss the exercise restrictions you can expect after your mommy makeover.

Exercise Restrictions Immediately Following Your Mommy Makeover

While you’ll need to take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks off from your exercise routine, the exact amount of time you’ll have to wait to exercise following your mommy makeover procedure depends on the specific surgeries you have performed. However, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind immediately following your procedure. For instance, mommy makeover patients should not lift anything over 25 pounds, regardless of the areas of the body they chose to address during their surgery. This could put undue stress on your incision sites and cause them to open or bleed.

When you leave his Beverly Hills surgical facility, Dr. Bruno will provide you with specific post-surgical instructions, which you should follow carefully to ensure you experience a safe recovery.

Are There Any Exercises I Can do While I’m Recovering?

One of the things Beverly Hills patients love about Dr. Bruno is how he makes himself available to them. If you have any questions about an exercise or activity, and whether or not it’s safe during your recovery, just call his office. That’s what he’s there for!

Since many women who choose a mommy makeover want to get up and moving quickly, Dr. Bruno recommends starting off slowly. Ease yourself back into your normal exercise routine by starting with short walks. Avoid running or lifting weights until Dr. Bruno has examined your surgical sites to ensure it is safe to do so. If you did not have any surgical procedures performed on your legs, you might be able to do light exercises on your legs while avoiding your upper body. However, please clear specific exercises with Dr. Bruno first. Your safety is the most important thing to him, and it’s not worth the risk to do too much too soon and jeopardize your health or your surgical results.

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If you are a mom in the Beverly Hills area and you’ve been considering choosing a mommy makeover to regain your pre-pregnancy body, don’t let a few weeks off from the gym keep you from getting the figure you want. As a plastic surgeon in California, Dr. Bruno is highly sought after because of the results he provides his patients. He is board-certified and has more than a decade of experience. To find out more about a mommy makeover, and to see before and after pictures of previous surgeries he’s performed, visit the gallery on his website. We know you’ll be impressed with what you see.

And if you’re ready for your initial mommy makeover consultation, call his office in Beverly Hills today to schedule your appointment.