Selecting the correct breast implant size for a patient can be a very challenging issue. Patients look at many before and after photos on the internet but still have difficulty visualizing what implants will look like on their own bodies. Even if patients “try on” the implants in a bra, it still doesn’t quite resemble what the final result will look like.  I have been using 3D imaging to assist in breast implant size selection for about two years now with great success. The process allows patients to visualize, on their own body, what the implant will look like. They can see their torso in virtually any angle. With the help of the computer software, we can perform imaging with a 300cc implant and then change it to a 400cc implant, for example, to show the difference. This system has really helped remove a lot of the guesswork out of which implant size is best for each patient. More importantly, it helps ensure that the patient and myself have the same vision with regard to size. If you would like a demonstration of the 3D imaging or if you have any questions, feel free to call the office at 310-461-3855 or visit our website at