I just had breast reduction surgery. The scars seem to be settling, and I want to know what to put on them to minimize their appearance.

A: Breast reduction scars

Breast reduction scars can take up to one year to fully mature and fade. You can apply silicone sheets/tape to the incision sites for several months to minimize the appearance of scars, as well as a topical gel form of silicone called Kelocote. Breast skin is quite thin and generally heals very well. However, if your breast reduction required a horizontal component (“anchor” incision) that portion of the scar may benefit most from these topical creams and gels; more so than the rest of the scar. Problematic scars may also benefit from steroid injections which can be done in your surgeon’s office. Be diligent with these topical creams and be patient, you’ll be surprised how nicely the scars will soften and lighten as time goes by.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno