Oh, the hourglass body shape. It’s something that many Beverly Hills women desire. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed by Mother Nature with this coveted silhouette. True, some of us have the bust and waistlines we want, but when it comes to the buttocks, we lack volume.

From his years of experience as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Bruno understands that not having the curves you want may negatively impact a woman’s self-confidence and body image. And that’s why he’s well known for helping women achieve their desired shape through a procedure called fat transfer to buttocks, commonly referred to as a Brazilian butt lift.

How Does Fat Transfer to Buttocks Work?

Fat transfer to buttocks is a multi-step process that occurs during one surgical event. First, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno will perform liposuction on an agreed upon area to harvest fat cells. This site can be your abdomen, your thighs, your flanks or anywhere else where you have a little bit of unwanted fat. Don’t worry if you’re slim and trim; only a minimal amount of fat cells are needed for a successful fat transfer to buttocks procedure, and most women that Dr. Bruno consults with are surprised to learn they have just enough excess fat to make this procedure a reality*.

The second step in fat transfer to buttocks surgery is for the harvested fat to be cleansed and processed. This is performed in the operating room while you are still asleep and under the effects of general anesthesia. Once your harvested fat cells have been processed, it’s time for your fat transfer to begin!

The third step of fat transfer to buttocks surgery is for Dr. Bruno to strategically inject the harvested fat cells into your buttocks. Since you’ll have already communicated your surgical goal of having an hourglass shape to Dr. Bruno during your consultation appointment, he’ll carefully inject your harvested fat cells to give you that desired silhouette*. After this step has taken place, you’ll remain face down and be taken out of the operating room and off general anesthesia, so you can awaken from your surgery and the post-operative monitoring can begin. For most Beverly Hills patients, a fat transfer to buttocks procedure is an outpatient surgery*.

The final step of your Brazilian butt lift is your recovery process, where your body kicks it into high gear to develop a new blood supply to the injected fat cells, so they can live and thrive in your buttocks, not to mention giving you that hourglass shape you’ve been chasing. For this to successfully occur, Dr. Bruno instructs his Beverly Hills fat transfer to buttocks patients not to sit or put any pressure on their bottom for two weeks after their surgery. These instructions help ensure you don’t inadvertently kill the transferred fat cells as your body is working to develop a new blood supply to them. In lieu of sitting down or lying on your back, you can lay on your stomach or side, or prop your thighs up with pillows so you can mimic a sitting position without actually putting any pressure on your bottom.

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If you’re a woman who desires those bottom curves, so you can finally have the hourglass shape you’ve always wanted, then a fat transfer to buttock just might be the right solution for you.

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*Individual results may vary.