I’ve heard about a procedure where my body fat can be transferred or injected on my under eye area for dark circles and hollowness. Is this safe, and will results be permanent?

A: Fat transfer to lower eyelids

Fat transfer to the lower eyelids is a good treatment for hollow areas beneath the eyelids. As we age, some of fat in this area atrophies or shrinks, in addition to the fat descending. A fat transfer involves harvesting fat from one area (such as the abdomen) and injecting it through a small needle/syringe into another desirable area (ex. lower eyelid area). The fat is spun down in a centrifuge maching prior to injecting it to ensure most of the blood cells are separated from the pure fat cells. Not all of the fat will survive however, depending on the studies that you read, 30-80% of the fat will survive. You must be prepared for the possibility of a second surgery to revise or add more fat to achieve the desired result. If the fat is injected too superficial or close to the skin’s surface, you may be able to see or feel tiny lumps or bumps. There will be some bruising that typiclly resolves within ten days.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in fat transfer techniques.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno