I cannot afford to miss more than 2 weeks of work when recovering from blepharoplasty procedure. Can a plastic surgeon describe the post-op recovery typical for patients? What is the standard eyelid surgery recovery time?

A: Blepharoplasty recovery

Most patients will require about one week off of work from either upper or lower (or both) eyelid surgery. This is due to the visible bruising that may persist for about seven days or so. The pain is not signicant, with most patients taking oral pain medications for only two or three days. Usually the stitches are removed on the sixth or seventh day. In women, if there is some residual bruising, this can usually be concealed with some cover-up makeup.

As long as your plastic surgeon is very careful with controlling the blood loss during the surgery, the bruising is usually very well tolerated in most patients. Frequent ice packs to the eye area for the first day or two also helps minimize the bruising and swelling.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno