i want to remove my breast implants. too big. if i do this will i most likely need a breast lift? is my skin stretched permanently as a result of implants?

A: Breast implant removal and Breast lift

If you have breast implants and want to have them removed, you may need a lift at the same time, or staged several months later. If your implants are saline, you could have them deflated in the surgeon’s office (under local anesthesia), then wait 3-6 months to allow the skin to contract to determine if you need a lift at the time of implant removal. You may be fortunate after the waiting period of 3-6 months and if not need a breast lift–just explantation of your implants; thus avoiding potentially unnecessary scar from a lift.

If your implants are silicone, you can not deflate them and I would recommend removing them and waiting 3-6 months prior to a potential second surgery (if needed) to address the loose skin, if any.

Doing the breast implant removal and the possible lift in different stages helps to ensure better blood supply to the breast skin and fewer potential would healing complications. Also, you may be fortunate and not need a lift after the implants are removed if the skin in fact shrinks and contracts back to a favorable contour.