I went in for an uplift on my size 36 g breast and have come out a 36 D, i am traumatised by the whole operation and very upset at being so small.

I knew he would have to reduce them but not by 3 cup sizes, is this normal? do they have to always make your breast much smaller to achieve this?

A: Breast lift vs Breast reduction

A breast lift does not necessarily need to result in smaller breasts or a smaller cup size. Although the pattern or scar may be similar, the surgeon can control how much tissue is removed during the procedure; this often differentiates a mastopexy from a reduction. In a pure mastopexy, only a small amount of skin and some tissue is removed in order to have a tension free closure. But almost always, the patient remains the same cup size.

If you are having symptoms of neck and/or back pain then more tissue would need to be removed and the procedure is essentially done as a breast reduction.