I am a small size B and have had two kids. I am looking to get small saline implants maybe 300 – 325 cc’s.  I was wanting saline for safety, but I want the natural feel. I will be going under the muscle.

So would saline implants still be OK since I am going under the muscle, or will it look and feel unnatural?

A: Saline breast implants

Saline breast implants can look and feel quite natural, especially when place under the pectoral muscle. If you are very thin and have little breast tissue, you may be more likely to develop visible rippling or wrinkling. Silicone implants have less likelihood of rippling and may be a reasonable option in a thin patient, who has less tissue to “hide” the implant. In general, silicone implants feel more natural however they often times look similar to saline. Safety should be a concern with silicone implants, which have been FDA approved for widespread cosmetic use since 2006.

Bottom line is saline and silicone implants LOOK quite similar, however silicone implants FEEL more natural.