I’m considering a butt lift and would like to know if it feels and more importantly looks real?

A: Buttock augmentation or lifts with natural results

Buttock augmentation has a very natural look and feel if performed with fat transfer techniques. Although a buttock lift or augmentation can be done by using a hard silicone implant, using a patient’s own fat yields the best, most natural result. This involves first performing liposuction on unwanted areas of a patient’s body (such as the abdomen or lower back) and then transferring the fat by way of a syringe into the deep tissue/muscle of the buttock area. A certain percentage of the fat will not survive, but the fat that does survive, will look and feel like natural buttock tissue.

This procedure does involve some artistry on your surgeon’s behalf, so please consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon prior to scheduling this procedure.