Will breast implants cause breast cancer? I am planning to go for breast implants. After breast feeding, my breast is flat. However, I am concerned about cancer being a possible side effect

A: Breast Implants do not cause breast cancer

Breast implants do not cause breast cancer. Breast implants (saline or silicone) do not cause any medical diseases or illnesses, this has been thoroughly studied and proven. However, breast implants can make the detection of breast cancer via mammogram more difficult because the implants themselves can obscure some of the breast tissue on the x-ray. Approximately 10% of a patient’s breast tissue can not be visualized on a mammogram if they have implants in place. However, there are special techniques for performing mammograms on women with breast implants in order to view as much breast tissue as possible.

Please discuss this further with your plastic surgeon prior to breast augmentation.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno