I look heavily pregnant after 4 children- the youngest child is 5. Can anything other than a full tummy tuck help me? I cannot afford the time for a full procedure- would lipo help me a bit? i have no stretch marks and when I managed to lose about 15 lbs 2yrs ago, the skin seemed to retract nicely.

William Bruno, MD answers: Diastasis - I Look 6 Months Pregnant After 4 Children

A: Tummy tuck is needed to correct a weakened abdominal wall

Based on your photo and history it appears that you need a tummy tuck, which will tighten and restore your abdominal muscles to their pre-pregnancy condition.  There is no role for liposuction in your situation, based on your photos.  The tummy tuck will also allow for removal of excess skin, which may have occurred after four pregnancies.

If you try to do a minimal procedure here (liposuction) you will end up with very minimal/poor result.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno