I’m having surgery in February and I want all three procedures. Is it safe? I weigh 138 lbs and 5’6″ at 35 yrs of age

A: Combining breast implants, tummy tuck and buttock augmentation

The most important factor going into this type of procedure is your overall health. I recommend having your internist or family physician give you a complete physical examination and order appropriate lab studies and possibly an EKG prior to undergoing this type of combination surgery. You may even need to make arrangements to stay overnight at an aftercare facility to be observed the first night of surgery.

Outpatient surgery generally should be kept to under six hours to ensure patient safety. One of the most feared risks of a surgery this long, is the development of blood clots in your legs (DVTs). These clots can form during a long surgery and in some cases can spread to you heart and lungs. As a precaution during the surgery you will be wearing stockings and pneumatic compression devices to promote your circulation during the surgery. It’s also important to begin walking early after surgery.

Please discuss this further with your board certified plastic surgeon prior to your scheduled surgeries.