Q: How to Flatten a Keloid Scar Caused by a Biopsy?

I have a scar now from a biopsy to check for Morphea (I have it). Do you know what I can use to help heal/flatten/reduce the visibility of the scar (keloid)? A: Scar, keloid There are several different topicals you can use for a keloid or hypertrophic scar (thick scar). Kelo-cote is a clear silicone gel that takes several months to be effective, as does Mederma… READ MORE

Q: What Results Can I Expect from Scar Revision Surgery?

I had a botched surgery that left me with horrible scars around my face and ears. Is scar revision surgery my only option for improving the scars? Are scar revisions usually successful surgeries? A: Scar revision surgery There are generally three outcomes when considering revising a scar. The scar could be better, worse, or the same. The type of scar (surgical, burn,etc.) and the location of… READ MORE