Open and Closed Rhinoplasty Techniques

Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills, or nose job surgery, is really a cosmetic surgery procedure accustomed to alter the form of the nose. You will find two primary nose reshaping techniques – open and closed. These two techniques are broadly utilized by qualified cosmetic surgeons. Additionally, both nose reshaping techniques have certain pros and cons, which will always be grounds of debate for a lot of plastic… READ MORE

Q: Rhinoplasty Recovery

What is the typical rhinoplasty recovery like?  What can I expect?  How long after a nose job does it take to heal and how long before you can go back to work, the swelling goes down, etc? A: Rhinoplasty After rhinoplasty, most patients will require one week off work; primarily because of the obvious swelling and bruising around the eyes/nose, in addition to the splint which… READ MORE

Q: Are Grafts for Nose Implants Taken from Patient’s Body?

When grafts are needed for nose implants, are they usually from the patient’s own body? A: Grafts for rhinoplsty The best grafts used for nasal surgery or rhinoplasty will often come from your own body. Such locations as the nose itself (septum), the ear and the rib, are the primary locations from which cartilage is harvested. If a patient does not have sufficient amounts of their… READ MORE

Q: 2 Months Enough for Rhinoplasty Recovery?

Hi, I will be getting married within 2 months. And before that, I am planning to have a nose job done. Is the time enough to recover from swelling or pain? Please advise. A: Rhinoplasty recovery A rhinoplasty 2 months prior to your wedding is certainly not ideal, however, you will not be in significant pain nor should you have significant swelling. The final result of… READ MORE

Q: Building a Nose Tip Without Surgery?

I’m African American and I’ve had a Rhinoplasty. I choose not to get a nose implant. I have to get Radiesse filler in the bridge to build it up, but it causes my profile to look long and flat. Can Radiesse build a tip or is there any other none surgical way to build the tip of the nose? A: nasal tip filler There are not… READ MORE

Q: Will Fixing Bulbous Tip Make the Nose Look Thinner?

I have a bulbous tip nose. I want to get my nose to have a normal tip but also want it to look thinner. If I get the bulbous tip fixed, will my nose automatically look skinnier? A: rhinoplasty, bulbous tip A bulbous tip refers to a rounded, full tip of the nose. By removing cartilage and suturing the cartilages together, the nose can certainly become… READ MORE

Q: Possible to Change Nose Tip Angle Without Breaking Bones?

Is it possible to only change the rotation of the tip without having to break any bones? I am Hispanic and do have a slightly wide nose and the tip is slightly bulbous; however thats not my concern. The tip points downwards especially when I talk and smile with a snarled look. No bumps on bridge. I dont want to change the size or shape… READ MORE

Q: Should I Bring Pictures of Desired Noses to Rhinoplasty Consultation?

Hello, I was considering having a rhinoplasty procedure, but had some questions concerning it. I have read up on this for almost a year, but this question tends to stir up the most controversy: Would it be good for me to bring pictures in of desired noses? Second, I am a male with a very long nose, so would I be able to make my… READ MORE

Q: Will I Have Visible Scars from a Nose Job?

A: Rhinoplasty and scars There are two types of rhinoplasties: open and closed. In an open approach, there is small incision made on the columella, which is the part of the nose between the nostrils. This heals very well and is virtually undetectable in most cases. A closed rhinoplasty involves no external incisions, with all the incisions located inside the nostrils. The open approach allows for… READ MORE

Q: Rhinoplasty Recovery Time + Downtime

What is the average rhinoplasty recovery time? When should I expect to be able to go out in public after a nose job, and when will the bandages come off? A: Rhinoplasty recovery Healing after a rhinoplasty can take up to one year to see the final result. However, once the splint is removed, you will see the obvious changes in contour even though there will still… READ MORE

Q: Should I Have my Rhinoplasty Done by a Facial Plastic Surgeon or a General Plastic Surgeon?

A: Rhinoplasty surgeon You should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty procedure. Both types of surgeons are trained in rhinoplasty procedures, with facial (ENT) plastic surgeons typically have more experience with breathing problems, snoring, etc. You should ultimately have your surgery with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who performs the procedure regularly and can show you predictable results with… READ MORE

Q: What Should I Ask my Doctor During Rhinoplasty Consultation?

A: what to ask during rhinoplasty consultation You should first seek out a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon to consult with regarding rhinoplasty.  This can be a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or by one of the Ear, Nose and Throat specialty boards.  You should carefully explain your concerns about your nose and what changes you are interesting in making.  Give a… READ MORE

Q: Rhinoplasty to Improve Front View of Nose?

I like my nose overall, but I’m not happy with the front view. I think it’s too wide from base to nostril. Also it spreads and droops when I smile. I would like a narrower nose, a pointier tip and smaller nostrils, more like Monica Bellucci’s nose. Is it possible, or do I run a high risk of it looking too fake? A: rhinoplasty can improve… READ MORE