Beverly Hills Breast Lift : Do I Need an Implant Also?

Many women who have had children are left with loose breast skin and sagging nipple positions. In some cases if the nipple position is good, a breast implant alone is all that is needed. However, if the breast skin is very redundant and the nipple is below the breast crease, the best procedure is a breast augmentation with a breast lift at the same time…. READ MORE

Beverly Hills liposuction: who is a good candidate?

Liposuction is a great procedure to remove excess fat in problematic areas. The surgery is not intended as a weight reduction procedure but more as a re-contouring procedure. The best candidates are relatively young (<45) and must have good skin tone (elasticity). If a patient has loose skin and/or stretch marks, they may not have a very good result. The procedure is typically done under… READ MORE

Breast Implants: Saline vs. Silicone

Patients always ask which breast implant is better, saline or silicone. There is no correct answer however I will say that the majority of my patients choose silicone implants for breast augmentation due to the natural feel. The silicone implants are made of a very thick gel, similar in consistency to a gummy bear candy. They are very durable and feel very natural to the… READ MORE

How to choose a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon

You must ensure that your surgeon has completed sufficient training in the specialty of plastic surgery. When you see the term “board certified” remember that all boards are not the same; look very closely at which board has certified the surgeon. One main way to verify this is to confirm that your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Plastic surgeons that… READ MORE

Beverly Hills Breast Reduction: what can it do for you?

A breast reduction can help to significantly reduce or eliminate neck, back and shoulder pain in women with very large breasts. This type of plastic surgery can be very rewarding to both patient and surgeon and often times is covered by health insurance. If you have neck,back and/or shoulder pain not relieved by other treatments; then a beverly hills breast reduction may be the right… READ MORE

Beverly Hills Mommy Makeover: what exactly is involved?

A Beverly Hills mommy makeover basically refers to a breast procedure and an abdominal procedure done during the same surgery. The breast procedure could be a breast augmentation with or without a breast lift. The abdominal procedure is usually a tummy tuck with some liposuction of the flanks or love handles. During a mommy makeover patients may also have other procedures performed, such as facial… READ MORE

Beverly Hills Buttock Augmentation: fat transfer vs. implants

There are two basic ways to enhance the size and shape of your buttock- fat transfer or gluteal implants. A fat transfer involves performing liposuction of several areas of the body then re-injecting the fat into the desired areas (buttock/hips). This is also know as a Brazilian buttock lift. This method allows the surgeon to sculpt the entire torso and buttock region. A silicone gluteal… READ MORE

Beverly Hills Tummy Tuck: how is the recovery?

Many women who experience pregnancy and childbirth are left with stretch marks and loose abdominal skin. A tummy tuck in Beverly Hills with Dr.Bruno can remove most of your unwanted skin and re-contour your torso. The surgery itself is performed under general anesthesia, and takes about 2-3 hours. Almost all patients return home the same day as a tummy tuck and take about one week… READ MORE

Breast Augmentation: How to choose the right size

One of the most common questions patients ask during a breast augmentation consultation has to do with selecting the right size breast implant. Although patients look at many photos online and in before and after books, they just can’t seem to visualize how they may look. Patients can also try on the various sizes breast implants in a bra which gives them some idea, but… READ MORE

Beverly Hills Mommy Makeover

Women who undergo pregnancy may experience changes in their bodies which seem irreversible. These changes are often seen in their breasts and abdominal area. A mommy makeover refers to the transformation of a woman’s body back to its pre-pregnancy condition. This can involve a breast augmentation to restore volume, which is occasionally accompanied by a breast lift. The breast procedure is combined with an abdominal… READ MORE

Buttock augmentation (Brazilian buttock lift) Beverly Hills-Dr.Bruno

Many patients are interested in improving the size and shape of their buttocks. Perhaps the best way to accomplish this is by way of a fat transfer to the buttock. This is also known as a Brazilian buttock lift. Basically this involves performing liposuction from certain areas of the body and then transferring (injecting) the fat into other areas of the body. Dr.Bruno performs this… READ MORE

Q: How to Get a Big Butt?

my butt has no shape to it! what can i do to give a more rounded look?  Does this require plastic surgery? A: Buttock augmentation In order to achieve a fuller buttock area, you can either have gluteal implants (silicone) or a fat transfer (Brazilian buttock lift). If you are very thin with no excess fatty tissue on you body (abdomen/hips/thighs) then you are not likely… READ MORE


February 2010 Update from Baker-Gordon Plastic Surgery Symposium I just returned from the 44th annual Baker-Gordon Plastic Surgery Symposium in Miami, Florida. The lecturers were from the US as well as South America and Europe, which reveals quite a diverse perspective.  This year’s theme focused on minimally invasive techniques in plastic surgery. This included some endoscopic assisted approaches to midface lifts as well as endoscopic breast augmentation, through the… READ MORE

Q: Breast Lift Without Implants for C Cup Breasts?

I am a size 36C and would like to get a Breast Lift. Is this possible without Breast implants and can you do this before having a baby without having to do it again? A: breast lift without breast implants If you are a C bra cup, you can have a breast lift (mastopexy) without the need for breast implants. As long as you are satisfied… READ MORE

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is an aesthetic procedure performed to achieve better skin tone and to remove fine lines, especially on the face.  The chemical solution removes outer layers of skin which are damaged by age, sun, acne, wrinkles, or pigmentation problems.  Removing the outer skin prompts the body to generate a new layer of skin cells which are tainted by the previous skin condition.  Chemical… READ MORE


Beverly Hills, CA Plastic Surgery – Dr. William Bruno Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon – Natural Results   Welcome, and thank you for visiting our website.  If you’re a current patient, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to fulfill your aesthetic surgery needs.  If you’re a new visitor, Dr. Bruno looks forward to meeting you and exploring the wonderful options available for enhancing your natural beauty through plastic… READ MORE