Q: How Much Areola Reduction Can Be Achieved with a Nipple-based Incision?

Hi, I have a question about areola reduction. I’ve heard that an incision can be made around the base of the nipple so that scarring will be less visible, but that the amount removed is less than other incisions. How much exactly can be removed using the incision at the base of the nipple? A: Areola reduction If you’re considering an areolar reduction, this can be… READ MORE

Q: Areola Reduction After Gynecomastia?

After my gynecomastia surgery the areola on the left pectoral muscle sticks out a little bit. Can it be fixed with areola reduction surgery? A: Gynecomastia revision If your areola “sticks out” on one side after gynecomastia surgery, you should wait about one year prior to a revision. The most common cause of this problem is likely due to residual breast tissue just beneath the areola… READ MORE

Q: Decrease the Size of Areola Without Mastopexy?

I am 21 years old, 135lbs, no pregnancies. I am very unhappy with the look and shape of my areolas. I want a smaller more youthful look, but would rather wait to get a mastopexy later, after pregnancy. Am I a good candidate for a nipple surgery procedure? A: Areolar reduction vs mastopexy An areolar reduction is a good option in your particular case because you… READ MORE

Q: Nipple Reduction for Men?

Is this procedure common and or expensive? What is the average cost? How long after can you expect to go back to work? Any reasons why one would be denied? Can they make it so you have a flush or almost no nipple at all? Could it be as little as possible especially in the outward diretion? A: Nipple reduction It is possible to reduce the… READ MORE

Q: Can Breastfeeding Cause the Areola to Change Shape?

Does breastfeeding cause the areola to change shape or look deformed? I’m a single mother of two and I’ve noticed some changes, but I’m not sure of the cause. A: Breast feeding and areolar shape Contrary to popular belief, breast feeding does not significantly alter your breast or areolar size/shape. It’s pregnancy itself that can alter breast size and shape, this includes the areolas. Once you’re… READ MORE