What is a mini-tummy tuck?

A mini-tummy tuck in Beverly Hills involves an incision which isn’t so “mini”. The actual incision is only a few inches shorter than a full tummy tuck. The procedure addresses primarily the lower portion of the abdomen and is best suited for thinner patients who have some loose skin and stretch marks from pregnancy. The belly button is not reshaped or moved during a mini-tummy… READ MORE

Q: Would a Mini Tummy Tuck Be Enough for Me?

I had Smart Lipo done to remove pockets of fat, as I didn’t want to get a tummy tuck done yet because I am still young and do not know if I want more children or not. The looseness of my skin is still the same. A: Mini tummy tuck It appears you would benefit from a full tummy tuck due to the perceived looseness of… READ MORE

Q: How Much Does a Mini Tummy Tuck Cost?

What is the average cost of a mini tummy tuck? A: Mini tummy tuck First, be sure you are a candidate for a mini-tummy tuck vs. a traditional “regular” tummy tuck. There aren’t that many patients who fit the criteria for a mini-tummy tuck. Usually, the patients are quite thin, have some stretch marks and loose skin of the lower abdomen only, or have a belly… READ MORE

Q: Deflated Look After Mini Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

I had a Mini Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, muscle repair (no drains) 2/13/09. I am 5’6″ 118 lbs before and after tx. I am concerned about my results. My PS said I developed seromas but keep in mind that he used NO drains PO (post op) on me and I was aspirated 3 times PO. He said the seromas are the reason for my “deflated balloon… READ MORE

Q: Smart Lipo or Mini-tummy Tuck?

I’m 33 years old and have three kids all naturally birthed (no c-section).  I am 5 feet tall, 120lbs and in my lower abdomen I have some pockets of fat. It’s noticeable when I sit down, it’s not saggy, but it certainly doesn’t look good. Do you think I would be a better candidate for Smart Lipo or for a mini tummy tuck? A: lipo vs… READ MORE

Q: Mini Tummy Tuck Incision Placement?

I am 5’2, 105 pounds, and in pretty good shape. I am considering a Mini Tummy Tuck. I think the underlying muscle is ok, it feels firm and I have very little remaining fat on my stomach. It looks firm and tight when I stand up straight but when I bend over, my stomach sags terribly. The skin on my lower abdomen has a very… READ MORE