Is Liposuction Required During a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck and liposuction procedures create results so similar that patients often get confused as to which one they need. If you research on your own, you’ll likely find people who have had success with both procedures. And the more you dig into the details, the more you may notice some people are combining a tummy tuck with liposuction. It’s not a requirement to pair… READ MORE

Is Liposuction Right For Me?

Living here in Southern California looking good is a big part of our every day lives.  Unlike many other regions of the country Southern Californian’s pride themselves on looking good and living a healthy lifestyle. For many of my patients living a healthy lifestyle and exercising doesn’t correct some of the imperfections that may be bothering them.  Sometimes a simple plastic surgery procedure like liposuction… READ MORE

Beverly Hills liposuction: who is a good candidate?

Liposuction is a great procedure to remove excess fat in problematic areas. The surgery is not intended as a weight reduction procedure but more as a re-contouring procedure. The best candidates are relatively young (<45) and must have good skin tone (elasticity). If a patient has loose skin and/or stretch marks, they may not have a very good result. The procedure is typically done under… READ MORE

Q: Liposuction Swelling – How Long Until It Goes Down?

I had my saddlebags removed six weeks ago and one of them looks lumpy and looks like if I have something in there that moves. I also had liposuction above my butt, I’m still numb and I now I have a lump. Will this go away? How long does it take for swelling to go away? A: Swelling after Liposuction After liposuction, major swelling may last… READ MORE

Q: Liposuction Vs. Tummy Tuck – What’s the Difference?

I’ve had 3 kids and definitely need some help in my stomach area, but I’m not sure if I would need liposuction, a tummy tuck, or both to get the pre-baby look I want. A: Liposuction vs. Tummy Tuck A tummy tuck is indicated in patients who have loose, saggy skin with or without stretch marks. Usually this is the result of pregnancy or weight fluctuations… READ MORE

Q: Would Liposuction Remove Stretched out Skin?

A: Liposuction will not remove stretched skin Liposuction will not remove loose skin. In fact, liposuction can worsen the contour of loose or stretched out skin. The success of liposuction depends on the quality of the skin in that area. Good elasticity with no stretch marks is ideal skin for liposuction, especially in younger patients. If you happen to have loose skin, the only definitive way… READ MORE

Q: How Many Areas Can You Treat in One Liposuction Session?

I know there is a limit on a safe amount (about 5 liters) to be taken out in every session of Liposuction. However, does it matter how many areas it comes from? For instance, can you do waist, abs, hips and back/flanks in one session? A: Liposuction safety and areas of treatment For outpatient liposuction, 5 Liters of fat is considered the maximum amount that can… READ MORE

Q: Liposuction on Same Area?

I had a traditional liposuction 5 years ago on my tummy. I want to know if I can have the traditional liposcuction again to the same area since it already has been done? A: Liposuction repeated in the same area Liposuction can be performed more than once in the same area provided the overlying skin is of good elasticity and there is sufficient fat to be… READ MORE

Q: Natural Way to Lose Fat Under Chin?

I am a 40-year-old woman in pretty good shape with slender built and decent skin elasticity. I have a small stubborn pocket of fat under my chin. I was wondering if there is a natural way to try to reduce it, such as some weight loss or neck muscle exercises or even advertised chin straps? Is this a waste of time? I am afraid that… READ MORE

Q: Liposuction to Lose Inches After C-section?

Hi, I am 25 years old with two young kids. I want to have liposuction done on my lower stomach to get rid of the fatty tissue. The extra skin doesn’t matter. I just want to fit in my pants right and build confidence. I am concerned to have a tummy tuck because I had a painful recovery from a c-section last year. What do… READ MORE

Q: Can Liposuction Treat Bulge in Breasts to Armpit Area?

My breasts seem to be moving toward my arm pits. I am 60 so they are pretty flabby, I wear a 34D bra, but it is very hard to find bras that fit well because I pooch out  in the sides in most bras. Is there a way to fix this? I don’t want to be bigger, just take out that side fat. Would liposuction… READ MORE

Q: General or Local Anesthesia for Liposuction?

I’ve heard that more fat can be taken out under general anestesia than under local. Is it true? General anestesia liposuction is a more expensive choice, but I want to take as much fat as possible from my outer thighs. On the other hand, local anasthesia lipo enables a patient to stand up to compare results. Which type is better? A: liposuction under local vs general… READ MORE

Q: Does Liposuction Last?

I think I need Liposuction but its a ton of $$ and i fear the fat will just come back a few months later. all that money and pain for nothing. How long does liposcution last and is it worth it? A: Liposuction results last if you maintain your weight Liposuction results will be permanent as long as you are able to maintain your weight. Once… READ MORE

Q: Liposuction Surgeon Consultation

What should I ask my doctor during a liposuction consultation? A: Ask if you’re a good Liposuction candidate during consultation After finding a board certified plastic surgeon, the most important thing to ask is if you are a good candidate for liposuction or not. In order to have a good outcome, you must have good skin tone, with minimal to no stretch marks. You should also… READ MORE

Q: What Are Potential Liposuction Side Effects?

liposuction cause nerve damage possibly? what about cellulite? a list of possible side effects is very helpful A: Most common Liposuction side effect is irregular contour The most common side effect after liposuction is an irregular contour to the skin. There can be uneven areas with some minor depressions or bumps if the suctioning is performed too close to the surface of the skin or if… READ MORE

Q: Can I Get Ankle Liposuction?

I’ve always had kind of “chubby” ankles (cankles) and I would like more definition in this area.  Do doctors usually offer liposuction of the ankles, or is there some other procedure I should consider?  What about liposuction for the knees?  I just want my legs to look more shapely. A: Liposuction of ankles can be successful in the right candidate Liposuction of the ankle/calves, and knee… READ MORE

Q: Is It Easier to Treat Body Fat in Certain Areas?

I have had four children. My upper inner thighs are fatty, with stretch marks and loose skin hanging. I have consulted a plastic surgeon and he said that since I already have a couple of dimples, it would be difficult to treat the area successfully. Is this true? Are there certain areas where body fat is easier to treat? What options do I have for… READ MORE

Q: Liposuction for Belly Roll

I hate my stomach roll!  I’m wondering if liposuction is the right way to go to get rid of the fat. A: liposuction for abdominal roll If you have excess fatty tissue of your abdomen you may benefit from liposuction or a tummy tuck. If you have good skin tone, with little to no stretch marks then liposuction may be for you. However if you have… READ MORE