Q: Modern Method for Fat Injections?

I have read an answer from one of the doctors on RealSelf, saying the old method of fat injections involved sucking fat through liposuction. During the fat transfer I had, I stayed awake and the surgeon froze my stomach. He used a small device to suck some fat out, then placed it somewhere to spin it before he injected it in my face. I’m wondering,… READ MORE

Q: Can Fat Injections Replace Injectable Filler Treatments?

How successful are fat injections to the nasolabial folds of the face? Within the last two years, I have had Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm injected into the face. They worked well, but of course, don’t last. A doctor suggested I try this more permanent type of injection. What is your feeling about this procedure? Is it similar to the gel fillers only with some fat… READ MORE

Q: How Does Fat Transfer Work?

How does fat transfer (fat grafting) work? What is the fat transfer procedure like? A: How fat transfer or fat graft works A fat transfer or a fat graft is a method of moving fat from one area to another area. This involves harvesting or removing the fat using gentle liposuction techniques from an unwanted area, for example, the abdomen. Then the fat is spun down… READ MORE

Q: Does Analogous Fat Transfer Lead to Sagging Facial Skin?

Once the injected fat dissipates, will the skin then sag? It stands to reason that delicate facial skin can remain stretched out after the injections are reabsorbed. Typically, what percentage of the transferred fat will remain permanently? A: Unlikely for fat transfer to cause sagging skin to get worse It is unlikely that a fat transfer will cause the skin in that area to sag later… READ MORE