Q: Is There a Non Surgical Face Lift That Works?

in my early 50s with drooping facial features.  pray that someone tells me that a non surgery face lift is available — alternative that doesnt require going through lots of recovering.  May be I can get away with treating using filling wiht things like resatylne? A: Non-surgical facelift Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a non-surgical facelift. A facelift is performed to removed excess skin… READ MORE

Q: When is a Face Lift the Best Choice?

A: when to have a facelift As patients age, the facial skin and soft tissue begins to sag and atrophy (shrink).  Some people may have loose skin of their neck and lower face with jowls and also a sunken appearance in the cheek/lower eyelid area.  Most patients only need a small amount of skin removal- what they really need is for the soft tissue under their… READ MORE