10 Tips To Prepare For A Butt Lift

As our patients begin to move forward in the process of getting a Brazilian butt lift, they tend to focus on the day of the procedure and their recovery. However, there are a number of things that patients can do before they even enter the surgery center to make sure that they get the kind of incredible, jaw-dropping results that they want. In this blog… READ MORE

Will Pregnancy Affect My Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

It seems like all the Hollywood A-List celebrities these days have curvaceous butts, it’s no wonder you’re interested in getting a butt augmentation with a Brazilian butt lift. After all, Brazilian butt lifts are the hottest thing to hit the Beverly Hills plastic surgery scene in a while. But, if you’re a young woman planning to have children in the future, you may be wondering,… READ MORE

How Will Weight Loss Affect My Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

Brazilian butt lifts are the talk of the town in Beverly Hills, and there’s a good reason why. With this butt lift procedure, fat is removed from your problem areas such as your abdomen, love handles and thighs via liposuction, then injected into your buttocks to give them a curvier, more voluptuous look. Brazilian butt lifts give you a natural looking butt that you’ll love… READ MORE

How Can I Make My Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last Longer?

Are you ready to say “Goodbye!” to your flat butt and “Hello!” to a curvier, sexier derrière? If you’re frustrated from doing squats and lunges at the gym, but seeing no results, then it might be time to consider a Brazilian butt lift. This popular Beverly Hills procedure includes removing fat from your problem areas including your abdomen, love handles, and thighs, purifying that fat… READ MORE

How Can I Help Fat Survive After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

When it comes to butt augmentation surgery, everyone in Beverly Hills is talking about the Brazilian butt lift. This popular procedure includes liposuctioning fat from your problem areas, including your abdomen, love handles, and thighs, and injecting that fat into your gluteal muscles. The results are a fuller, rounder butt that will turn heads! The key to a successful Brazilian butt lift butt augmentation surgery… READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks: How Much Fat Volume Do You Need?

If you’re considering doing a fat transfer to buttocks, also called a Brazilian butt lift, you may be excited that the procedure combines a butt augmentation with liposuction of your problem areas. But you might be wondering, “Just how much of my fat do you need?” Or, you may already have a slim physique, and you’re concerned that you don’t have enough excess fat to… READ MORE

Fix a Flat Butt with a Butt Augmentation

If you’ve been spending hours at the gym trying to get a sexier derrière, you may be frustrated to find that there’s no amount of squats or lunges you can do to give your flat butt the shape you want. You may be wondering, “What’s the point of all this exercise?” Well, you’re not alone. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno has helped hundreds of… READ MORE

Are PMMA Buttock Injections Safe?

Are you finally ready to take the plunge, and get a sexier rear end? If so, you’ve probably been researching the various butt augmentation options that are available in Beverly Hills, including butt implants, a traditional butt lift and the increasingly popular Brazilian butt lift. As you’ve been researching the best butt enhancement options, you may have even found some people talking about PMMA buttock… READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks vs. Implants: Which is the Right Procedure for Me?

It can be frustrating to spend hours in the gym doing squats and lunges, trying to get a fuller butt, but seeing no real results. If you’re experiencing this, know that you’re not alone! Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Bruno has helped hundreds of people just like you get the rounder, more voluptuous butt of their dreams. If you’re considering butt augmentation surgery, you may… READ MORE

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

When you’re concerned with quality, it can be rightly said that cost can’t simply be measured in the amount of money required to purchase something but in the long term value it carries. There can be no greater application to this idea than with cosmetic surgery, because it is so much more than just a service you receive or a show you attend – the… READ MORE

Can Exercise Undo a Brazilian Butt Lift?

In Beverly Hills, it’s no secret the image is important. Simply saying the name carries with it indelible images of wealth and beautiful people, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look the part. With so much emphasis in celebrity news being placed on having a voluptuous behind, you may be considering taking the plunge with an augmentation. Before you do, though, you likely have… READ MORE

Do Buttock Implants Last Longer Than Fat Injections?

Once upon a time, having an ultra-thin figure was considered the standard of beauty in Beverly Hills women. Today, though, all you have to do is turn on the television or pick up a magazine to see something about how to get a rounder, sexier rear. Maybe you’re considering an augmentation, but before you proceed, you want the facts. One of the most common questions… READ MORE

Andrea’s Brazilian Butt Lift Journey

Andrea was looking for an improvement in her buttocks. After several cosmetic procedures, she reached out to Dr. Bruno to complete her whole body transformation with a Brazilian Butt Lift. Andrea felt that her body was out of proportion, and after seeing so many people with a round behind, she decided it was time to get the Brazilian Butt Lift. Andrea researched many surgeons to… READ MORE

What are the Benefits of Getting a Natural Fat Transfer to Buttocks when Compared to Buttock Implants?

The two basic ways to reshape or augment the buttock involve either a fat transfer (Brazilian buttock lift) or buttock implant. Fat transfer allows the use of a patient’s own fat to create a softer, more natural feel to the buttock compared to silicone buttock implants. The fat transfer technique also allows for more sculpting and reshaping of the surrounding areas of the buttock such… READ MORE

Los Angeles Buttock Augmentation: implants vs fat

[videobuttock] There are two basic ways to augment the size of the buttock area: silicone implants vs. fat transfer. A silicone implant can give volume to a patient who is fairly thin and does not have sufficient fat to undergo a fat transfer. The implant is placed under the gluteal muscle and can give reasonable projection to the buttock. This method however does not allow… READ MORE