What Causes The Butt To Sag?

While some women are naturally endowed with a tight, voluptuous behind, the reality is that most women do not have the rear end they’d like. Add to that the fact that, as we age, the butt begins to sag, and you’re often left with women who are not happy with their overall figure. Many Beverly Hills women suffering from a sagging bottom want to know why it has happened to them, and how a butt augmentation can help restore their butt to its youthful glory. READ MORE

Will My Hips Be Augmented During a Butt Augmentation?

Learning everything there is to know about a butt augmentation procedure is ideal before patients actually go through with it. While it’s easy to get information online, it’s always best for patients to speak with a qualified plastic surgeon to address any questions. A common question that Beverly Hills patients have is whether their hips will be altered at all during the butt augmentation process…. READ MORE

What Are the Different Methods of Performing a Butt Augmentation?

There’s no standard method every plastic surgeon uses when performing a butt augmentation. Several different factors go into determining which method is the best, including the patient’s butt shape and size, skin elasticity and skin quality, the amount of fat available, activity level and more. Visiting a quality Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a consultation should be the first step in determining which method is… READ MORE

Is There an Ideal Weight for a Butt Augmentation?

People in Beverly Hills who want to get a butt augmentation sometimes get turned away because they don’t have enough fat. However, the average patient doesn’t know how much fat is required for a butt augmentation, so an evaluation from Dr. Bruno is always a good idea. In general, patients who have never had liposuction performed before and have a BMI of around 22, are… READ MORE

Butt Augmentation Do’s and Don’ts

Every year, Dr. Bruno meets with several Beverly Hills residents desiring a butt augmentation. They often come to him to communicate their problem areas and surgical goals. And they also come with a lot of questions about the procedure and recovery process. Below is a list of butt augmentation do’s and don’ts for you to follow. If You Get a Butt Augmentation, Do: Make sure… READ MORE

4 Ways a Butt Augmentation Can Increase Your Self-Confidence

Most Beverly Hills women seeking a butt augmentation from Dr. Bruno are doing so to boost their self-confidence. For whatever reason, they feel the look of their behind just isn’t right for their body. Here are four ways that butt augmentation can help give you that much-needed boost in your self-confidence.   1. Butt Augmentation Can Make You Feel More Comfortable in Your Clothes Many Beverly… READ MORE

3 Steps to Take Before a Butt Augmentation to Speed Up Recovery After the Surgery

The decision to have Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno perform a butt augmentation surgery on you is a big one. There are so many things to consider! First, you’ve likely been contemplating the surgery for years, and are excited to finally be taking steps to get the rear end you desire. Second, (and we’re not going to lie here) the recovery process for a… READ MORE

Are the Results of a Fat Transfer to Buttocks Immediate?

Transferring fat from other areas of your body to the buttocks is a great way to make your butt look fuller and more sculpted. The terrific thing about a fat transfer to the buttocks is the fat used for the transfer comes from your own body. Your body won’t have to adjust to a foreign material, so it’s a more natural transition to use the… READ MORE

What Size Buttocks Is Right For Me?

Having healthy and prominent buttocks is quickly becoming one of the most envied qualities for both men and women. While some patients talk to us about getting a rear-end like Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian, most of our patients aren’t sure what size buttocks will look best on them. One of Dr. Bruno’s favorite parts of his job is getting to talk with new patients… READ MORE

Fix a Flat Butt with a Butt Augmentation

If you’ve been spending hours at the gym trying to get a sexier derrière, you may be frustrated to find that there’s no amount of squats or lunges you can do to give your flat butt the shape you want. You may be wondering, “What’s the point of all this exercise?” Well, you’re not alone. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno has helped hundreds of… READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks vs. Implants: Which is the Right Procedure for Me?

It can be frustrating to spend hours in the gym doing squats and lunges, trying to get a fuller butt, but seeing no real results. If you’re experiencing this, know that you’re not alone! Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Bruno has helped hundreds of people just like you get the rounder, more voluptuous butt of their dreams. If you’re considering butt augmentation surgery, you may… READ MORE

Do Buttock Implants Last Longer Than Fat Injections?

Once upon a time, having an ultra-thin figure was considered the standard of beauty in Beverly Hills women. Today, though, all you have to do is turn on the television or pick up a magazine to see something about how to get a rounder, sexier rear. Maybe you’re considering an augmentation, but before you proceed, you want the facts. One of the most common questions… READ MORE

Implants vs. Injections: Which Is Better for Butt Augmentation?

It’s been said that not all roads leading to a destination take you to the same place. On first read, it may sound absurd, but what is meant is that the method by which a person arrives at a destination can affect their state and outlook when they get there. This principle can be applied to many things but especially to patients seeking cosmetic enhancement… READ MORE

Can Doing Squats Give Me the Same Results as a Butt Augmentation?

With celebrities like Kim Kardashian constantly in the pop culture limelight, it’s no surprise that having a full-figured behind has become so highly sought after. But what about those of us who aren’t naturally endowed with a round rear? While it’s true that doing squats and other exercises can increase the size of your buttocks, Beverly Hills butt augmentation patients often find themselves wondering how… READ MORE

How Long Do Buttock Augmentations Last?

A lot of my patients ask me if buttock augmentation using fat (Brazilian buttock lift) is a permanent way to increase the size of their buttocks. The answer is yes. Once the fat is injected deep into the gluteal muscles and tissue, the majority of the fat cells will develop their new blood supply and survive. However approximately one-third of the fat cells will not… READ MORE

What is the best way to enhance your buttock?

I am often asked “What is the best way to enhance your buttock?” The answer is “Fat”. Using your body’s own fat, as opposed to a silicone gluteal implant, can give the most natural look and feel. Brazilian buttock lift, or fat transfer to the buttock, involves removing fat by way of liposuction and then transferring or injecting the fat into the buttock. This allows… READ MORE

Beverly Hills Buttock Augmentation: Fat transfer vs. Implants

There are two basic ways to enhance the size and shape of your buttock- fat transfer or gluteal implants. A fat transfer involves performing liposuction of several areas of the body then re-injecting the fat into the desired areas (buttock/hips). This is also know as a Brazilian buttock lift. This method allows the surgeon to sculpt the entire torso and buttock region. A silicone gluteal… READ MORE

Q: How to Get a Big Butt?

my butt has no shape to it! what can i do to give a more rounded look?  Does this require plastic surgery? A: Buttock augmentation In order to achieve a fuller buttock area, you can either have gluteal implants (silicone) or a fat transfer (Brazilian buttock lift). If you are very thin with no excess fatty tissue on you body (abdomen/hips/thighs) then you are not likely… READ MORE

Q: Do Butt Lifts Look Real?

I’m considering a butt lift and would like to know if it feels and more importantly looks real? A: Buttock augmentation or lifts with natural results Buttock augmentation has a very natural look and feel if performed with fat transfer techniques. Although a buttock lift or augmentation can be done by using a hard silicone implant, using a patient’s own fat yields the best, most natural… READ MORE