Breast Reduction Beverly Hills

A breast reduction can be a very satisfying procedure both for patient and surgeon as the results are seen immediately and the patient’s symptoms are relived immediately. Many women suffer with neck and back pain due to excessive large and heavy breasts. Often times they are not aware that it is their breasts which are the source of the neck and back pain. They try… READ MORE

Beverly Hills Breast Reduction: What Can It Do For You?

A breast reduction can help to significantly reduce or eliminate neck, back and shoulder pain in women with very large breasts. This type of plastic surgery can be very rewarding to both patient and surgeon and often times is covered by health insurance. If you have neck, back and/or shoulder pain not relieved by other treatments; then a beverly hills breast reduction may be the… READ MORE

Q: Will Medicaid Cover my Breast Reduction?

I’m 33 years old and I weigh 177lbs. and my cup size is DDD and I’m only 5’2″. I have back problems but I don’t have the money to pay for a Breast reduction. Do you think Medicaid will pay for it? A: Breast Reduction More than likely your breast reduction surgery, or a portion of it, will be covered by insurance provided enough breast tissue… READ MORE

Q: Scarless Breast Reduction

seeking smaller breasts –currently a D. I saw a TV show that talked about scarless breast reduction.  How is this done?  Where can I get it? Ideally want to avoid big surgery incision marks. A: Scars with breast reduction There is no such procedure as “scarless” breast reduction. However, liposuction can be done in certain patients, as a form of breast reduction with very minimal scarring… READ MORE

Q: Breast Reduction Recovery

I want to have a breast reduction surgery, but after seeing pictures of patients whose operation went very wrong, I got worried and discouraged. Why do some patients who have breast reduction surgery end up with dead tissue and really awful wounds? How can you prevent that? Is it the doctor’s fault? If the operation goes great and the patient follows the post operation treatment… READ MORE

Q: After Breast Reduction Will my Breasts Remain Full?

I am due to get a breast reduction in a short while, I am just waiting for my insurance company’s approval, which my doctor said will not be a problem due to the size of my breasts. My concern is that right now my breasts are very full and I love that part about them… Is there a way that they can be reduced to… READ MORE

Q: Breast Reduction Size for Insurance to Cover Surgery?

I would like to have a breast reduction. I’m currently a 40DDD. In order for insurance to cover the procedure, what size would I need to go down to? A: Breast reduction and insurance In order for breast reductions to be covered by insurance, several criteria need to be met. Patients must have a documented history of symptoms such as neck/back pain and show some type… READ MORE

Q: Why Won’t Doctors Accommodate D Cup to B Cup Breast Reduction?

I am a “D” cup and would like to be a “B” cup. Why won’t most doctors accommodate this for breast reduction? A: cup size and breast reduction Although you can never promise an exact bra cup size after surgery, it should be possible to go from a D to a B with a breast reduction. Sometimes if you go too small during a breast reduction,… READ MORE

Q: Breast Reduction Possible Despite Weight?

I’m considering a Breast Reduction next year in Spring 2010. I’m 5 ft tall and about 50 lbs. overweight. I have many problems regarding my large breasts: from rashes to neck pain and all. I have a 36 DD and want to go to a lower B size. What is your opinion? I thank you in advance for your answer. A: breast reduction If you feel… READ MORE

Q: Excess Flab on Sides After Breast Reduction

I had Breast Reduction around five years ago, followed by a lot of complicatons (which were fixed by another doctor). Now, I’m concerned about the excess flab on my sides from the surgery. It’s really bothersome if i don’t put a bra on, or if I wear certian kinds of bra. Are there any procedures for fixing this? If so, is it possible for such… READ MORE

Q: Is Breast Reduction the Same for Men and Women?

Is a male breast reduction for gynecomastia the same as a female breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty)? How are they different? A: Male breast reduction techniques are different from female Breast reduction techniques are very different for a man compared to those for a woman. For a man, gynecomastia (excess breast tissue) is treated usually with a combination of liposuction and direct removal of breast tissue through… READ MORE

Q: Breast Reduction and Lift

Do I need to have a combination of both to acheive a lifted breast? Or if I do the breast reduction, will that give me a lift in my breasts? A: Breast reduction and breast lift A breast reduction, by design, will give you the benefits of a breast lift automatically. That is to say, with a breast reduction not only will your breasts be smaller,… READ MORE

Q: Will Pregnacy but Not Breastfeeding Ruin my Breast Reduction Surgery?

results? A: The effects breastfeeding/pregnancy on breasts It is the pregnancy itself, not breastfeeding, which can impact the shape of your breasts after a breast reduction.  A misconception is that breastfeeding will “ruin” a woman’s breasts, however, it has been well studied and it turns out that pregnancy alone is what causes breast shape to change.  This will occur whether or not you breast feed. Some… READ MORE

Q: After Breast Reduction Surgery Will my Breasts Fall Down?

I had breast reduction surgery last year,my husband always say that my breast are falling down to me it’s seem the same as i had done opperation is it true the breast can come down for a period of time ? A: How long will breast reduction results last After a breast reduction, breasts are still subject to the changes of aging and gravity.  However, with… READ MORE

Q: Will You Perform Breast Reduction Surgery As an Outpatient Procedure?

A: Breast reduction can be performed as an outpatient procedure The majority of patients who undergo breast reduction go home the same day. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia and is typically well tolerated by most patients. If however, a patient has medical issues such as cardiac disease, diabetes, asthma, obesity, smoking, etc. that patient may require an overnight stay in a hospital or… READ MORE