Enlarge, Lift and Tighten Your Breasts with A Breast Augmentation/ Lift Combination

Popular culture has had a big influence on how many of our patients view breast augmentation, breast implants, and breast lift. Beverly Hills patients will often assume that if they are unsatisfied with their breasts, then all they need is an augmentation procedure and some implants. However, this is often not the case. In fact, some of our patients would actually look worse if they… READ MORE

How do I Choose if I Need a Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, or Breast Implants?

Many patients wonder whether they should have breast augmentation alone, or if they also need a breast lift at the same time. This is a very common yet complex procedure in plastic surgery. If a woman has no sagging skin with a good nipple position, then a breast augmentation with saline or silicone breast implants is usually sufficient to achieve a fuller look. If a… READ MORE

Beverly Hills Breast Lift

Patients often ask me “which is the best type of breast lift?”. This is a difficult question to answer and depends a lot on each patient’s individual anatomy. Patients always want the least amount of scarring, however, this may not necessarily deliver the best breast shape. Unfortunately, in order to create the ideal breast contour and long lasting result, patients may need a lollipop incision… READ MORE

Breast Augmentation combined with breast lift

Many women desire fuller larger breasts but may also require a breast lift at the same time. This is commonly seen in  women who have had multiple pregnancies. A woman’s breasts will shrink and atrophy after pregnancy and the nipple/areola may sag. Often times the best way to treat this is with a breast implant (saline or silicone) and a breast lift. There are several… READ MORE

What will a breast lift do for me?

Many women ask me if they can regain the breast shape they once had before pregnancy. Some women lose size (volume) and also develop loose, sagging skin with a drop in their nipple position. A breast lift (mastopexy) is a great procedure to elevate the breast tissue and nipple position to restore a more youthful breast shape. Occasionally this is combined with a breast implant… READ MORE

Q: Skin Retraction After Breast Lift Upon Breast Implant Removal

I am seeking medical opinions of a breast lift upon removal of implants, without replacement. I have 300cc, textured, anatomical, submuscular saline breast implants for 14 years. I am a young 35yr old, no children. Full A or small B prior, and went to a small/medium C cup after, with decent skin elasticity. Gained 15 lbs since then, and developed more breast tissue. I don’t… READ MORE

Q: Sagging Breasts: How to Perk Things Up

after babies and i guess aging 🙁 my breasts sag more than i’d like. is breast lift or plastic surgery my only option for getting them perked up again? A: Sagging breasts after pregnancy: breast lift Many women lose volume and shape in their breasts after pregnancy, regardless if they breast feed or not. The changes in skin tone, size and shape of the breast can… READ MORE

Q: How Long Does a Breast Lift Last?

long wanted to get a breast lift – mastopexy – but worried I’ll spend thousands and end up with the same saggy breasts i started with. Am i right to be concerned? A: How long do breast lift results last It is difficult to answer this question because there are so many variables involved with a mastopexy or breast lift (skin quality, breast tissue, type of… READ MORE

Q: Combining Breast Lift with Implants and Tummy Tuck Safe?

Is it safe to have breast lift with breast implants exchange and Tummy Tuck at once? A: Breast implants with lift and tummy tuck Combining procedures has gained popularity over the past several years. This is safe to do provided the patient is healthy and has medical clearance from their primary care physician or internist. The length of the procedure is also a factor, the ASPS… READ MORE

Q: Dallas Breast Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor Recommendations

I am thinking of having both Breast Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift done by the same doctor. Can anyone recommend to me a good doctor in Dallas who can perform both procedures in one surgery? A: Breast lift, buttock augmentation To combine these procedures depends on the patient’s overall health and the length of surgery involved. Usually, a buttock augmentation can take between 2-3 hours, while… READ MORE

Q: Breast Lift Recovery

I’m considering a breast lift. What can I expect during breast lift recovery? A: Breast lift recovery The recovery from a breast lift (mastopexy) is not as involved as the recovery from breast implants. Since most breast lifts require removal of skin and tissue only (the muscle is left intact) patients can return to work in two to three days. Oral pain medication is required for… READ MORE

Q: Reschedule Breast Lift and Augmentation Days After Quitting Smoking?

I am having a modified breast lift with breast implants next Wednesday. I only stopped smoking 4 days ago; should I reschedule? A: Smoking and breast surgery Patients should be off all tobacco products (inluding nicotine patches/gum) for a minimum of two weeks before and two weeks after cosmetic surgery. This risk of wound healing complications, poor scarring, nipple/areola skin loss is much higher in patients… READ MORE

Q: Will Breast Lift Make Lactating Problem Worse?

I would like to have a breast lift done, but apparently I am a freak of nature and get into an embarrassing situation at times and I’m not sure if the surgery would cause a problem. I had my last child 18 years ago but I still lactate sometimes. Would this cause any problems or heaven forbid get any worse if I decide to have… READ MORE

Q: Avoiding Vertical Breast Lift Scar?

I had a consultation today for a breast lift with implant. I really do not want that long vertical scar that accompanies most breast lifts. The surgeon measured me and said I was a 29? He said that I would need the lift with the anchor incision, or I could just have the implant without lift, but the implant would go on top of the… READ MORE

Q: What Does a Breast Lift Scar Look Like?

Typically, what does a breast lift scar look like? I’ve heard they’re pretty bad but I’ve seen some photos where I can’t even see the scars A: breast lift scars There are several different types of incisions used to perform breast lifts (mastopexy). These can range from a semi-circle around the upper portion of the areola (crescent lift), to a circle around the entire areola (circumareolar… READ MORE

Q: Breast Lift Possible During Removal of Implants?

I had breast reconstruction with implants, but now I have a rupture. I need them out, can I have a breast lift at the same time I get the implants out? A: breast implant removal and lift The safest and most reliable approach to your situation is to remove the implants then wait 6-9 months before attempting a breast lift. The reason for this is to… READ MORE

Q: What is a Mastopexy

What does the cosmetic surgery term mastopexy mean? What type of surgery is a mastopexy (what does it correct)? A: What is a mastopexy? A mastopexy is the medical term for a breast lift. There are many different types of mastopexies with different types of incisions/scars. The type of mastopexy for you depends on the position of your nipple, the quality of your skin and the… READ MORE