Q: What Types of Breast Implants Are Available in the US?

The last I knew, saline breast implants were my only option since silicone breast implants were banned. I did hear of some new type of implant that is being used in some Asian countries, but I’m not sure if it’s available here. Does anybody know what options I have for types/materials of breast implants that are FDA approved? A: breast implant options in the US Saline… READ MORE

Q: Natrelle Saline-filled Implants with Texture

I was to get saline implants without the texture. Today when I went to doctor he said he put in natrell textured saline implants and I specifically asked not to have that. I need to know about this kind of an implant. I am upset because of this and need to know more. Thanks Jean A: textured saline implants Textured breast implants can have a lower… READ MORE

Q: Breast Implant Scars

I want larger breasts but I’m afraid that the scars will be obvious when I wear a swimsuit. Where and how big would the scars be if I got breast implants? A: scars for breast augmentation All incisions from breast augmentation will leave a scar, however, these scars are usually well hidden and heal nicely.  The areolar incision is located on the lower border of the… READ MORE

Q: Should I Get Cohesive Gel Implants Outside of the US?

I am originally from Brazil, and the doctors in BR told me that they use these implants for a long time and they are very comfortable working with them, the implants also cost less there. I live in Idaho, there are not doctors in my area conducting clinical studies. Should I go ahead and travel to BR? I can stay in BR for 20 or… READ MORE

Q: Underwire Bra and Breast Implants, Safe?

I have have saline implants for nearly 1yr. Is it ok to wear underwire bras at this point? Just recently I am finding it painful …obviously,if it hurts I’m going to stop wearing the underwire lol..But I was wondering if I shouldn’t be wearing them Ever?? Thanks for your help. A: underwire bra after breast augmentation Yes, you can wear an underwire bra after breast augmentation-as… READ MORE

Q: One of my Breasts is Harder Than the Other – Why?

I am 32 yrs old and I had breast implants (Natrelle Saline filled, 450 cc in each) placed about 2 yrs ago and haven’t had any problems, but about 3 days ago I noticed my right breast is harder than the left all of a sudden. It doesn’t look any different, just feels harder than it had before. I am just concerned that something is… READ MORE

Q: Should I Get Breast Implants if I Plan on Getting Pregnant Later?

is it recomended to have breast implants before having a child? how will the breast look after breast feeding? i just want my breast perky but very natural. i feel i have a lot of extra skin on my breasts. i want to see what the doctor recomends for size. A: breast implants before pregnancy You can certainly have breast augmentation prior to having children, especially… READ MORE

Q: Redo Implants to Fix Wrinkles/Rippling?

Have Mentor round moderate saline implants 325 filled to 375. I’m 5’7″, 123.6 lbs, lean, not much dense breast tissue, thin skin. Originally A cup. I work out regularly. Have rippling,wrinkling on sides, visibility & palpability. Implants under muscle. Considering switching to Mentor Memorygel moderate plus. Do I go with a smaller implant (i.e., 350cc) or go with a larger implant (i.e., 400cc or 450cc)… READ MORE

Q: Breast Implants for Petite Women

My frame is only really small, 26inch around my rib cage, 5’5” and 7 stone (98 lbs). I want to go to a good 32 c cup. I’ve been told to have 270cc under the muscle but im not sure if i should have round standard implants or round high profile implants as im only small. I dont want them to look too fake though!… READ MORE

Q: Can You Change Implants from Over the Muscle to Under the Muscle?

I currently have over the muscle saline implants. I have the normal wrinkling but when I lay down one goes under my arm and is uncomfortable. Would like a more shapely round looking breast. Can I move them to under the muscle after having them over the muscle? A: converting breast implant pockets is not easy To convert a subglandular (over the muscle) to a subpectoral… READ MORE

Q: Saline Breast Implants Revision

I got Saline Breast Implants 6 months ago. My doctor did a good job. However, my left breast is slightly less full in projection as well as in width. He said it’s so slight he recommented not to do anything. He is willing to fill the left breast with a little more saline. That will give me the projection, but it also it might narrow… READ MORE