Q: Severely Depressed by New Breast Implants

I had breast implants put in a week ago they are 400hp silicone gel.  I was trying to go from a 34A to a 34C cup (under the muscle). I am only 5’7″ 115pounds. I look huge and I am severely depressed. I want them out! What should I do…i can’t stand how they look. A: Breast settling one week after augmentation Breast implants, when placed… READ MORE

Q: Breast Enhancement Options

i am not sure i should get breast implants.  it scares me to get plastic surgery.  i want to know: what are the non-surgical ways to enhance my bust?  are there natural remedies to breast enlargement? A: Alternatives to breast implants There are no proven, effective ways to enhance your bust without the use of breast implants. There is a device called BRAVA which uses the… READ MORE

Q: Ultra High Profile Breast Implants for Tall Women?

I went for my sizing yesterday and explained I did not want to go big and fake. I was told I have good breast tissue and with my height of 5’9″ and uneven breast should go with 455cc on left and 480cc on right, ultra high profile. I am concerned this is going to be huge and fake, will be going under muscle. They looked… READ MORE

Q: Moderate or High Profile for Breast Implant Revision?

I have Saline breast implants (425cc) now that I have had for 10 yrs. I am having them redone and having a hard time deciding between HP (High Profile) or Moderate. I want to go a little bigger and was told either a 650cc HP or 550cc Moderate. I am worried that 650cc would be too big but 550cc moderate would make me look smaller… READ MORE

Q: Is 12 Days off Smoking Long Enough for Breast Lift and Implants?

On the day of my surgery, I will be smoke-free for 12 days (cold turkey). Is that long enough for a successful breast implant and breast lift surgery, and good healing? I am a 28-year-old female in good health (if that matters). I’m not going to start smoking afterwards. I QUIT! A: Smoking and breast implant surgery In general, it is recommended to quit smoking completely… READ MORE

Q: Is Above Muscle Breast Implant Placement the Best Approach?

I am 37 years old and have nursed my 3 children. I used to be a C cup, but now my breast are just “empty” and saggy. My surgeon says I am not quite needing a Breast lift, but is recommending Silicone Breast Implants above the muscle. I don’t know anyone with implants above the muscle. Is this the right approach? A: Breast implant placement Most… READ MORE

Q: How to Choose Breast Implant Profile?

Hi. I am getting a Breast Augmentation and I’m having the hardest time choosing Moderate Plus or Moderate. I am doing it under the muscle, and my areolas are a little far apart I want breasts that are perky, yet look natural and give me cleavage. What should I choose? And is going through the areola a good choice? A: Selecting a breast implant profile First… READ MORE

Q: Are High Profile Breast Implants Always a Bad Choice?

I have been reading a about high profile silicone breast implants and the long term negative affects on tissues. I understand how this could be true if one started out as an A cup and used a 350cc implant. However, if you start out with moderate skin laxity with a B+ cup, are high profile implants going to cause the same long term damage? I… READ MORE

Q: Tear Drop Vs Round Breast Implants for Petite Build?

Hi! I’m a 19 year old girl who is petite build, short about 150cm (4’9″), breast size about an A cup and is going to get Breast implants but I’m not sure which style to go for. I was told the tear drop as it is more natural and due to my petite built. I just wanted to know if I were to get round implants… READ MORE

Q: Breast Implant Size to Use After Explantation?

I only had breast implants for 5 weeks. I had them explanted after this time. The implants were 400 cc. A thin capsule was left inside. I am considering now breast implants again due to a very bad outcome from my explant. I now want implants not more than 170-200 cc. Would it be possible, since the pocket was created for 400cc originally? Shall my… READ MORE

Q: Are 275 Ml Breast Implants Too Small for C or D Cup?

I am getting saline breast implants and I am very worried about the size. My surgeon says that I have 250ml of my own breast now and I want to be a full C to a D cup. To achieve this, he thinks no bigger than 275 ml. Do you think this sounds right? I am very worried thinking it could be too small when… READ MORE

Q: Do Saline Breast Implants Look and Feel Natural?

I am a small size B and have had two kids. I am looking to get small saline implants maybe 300 – 325 cc’s.  I was wanting saline for safety, but I want the natural feel. I will be going under the muscle. So would saline implants still be OK since I am going under the muscle, or will it look and feel unnatural? A: Saline… READ MORE

Q: Small D with 450 Cc Breast Implants?

I am 5’9″ and 137 lbs, with athletic build. My plastic surgeon wants me to go with 510 cc breast implants. After doing research, I am beginning to think this is very large. I only want to be a small D not a large D. My bra size now is 34B (small B) Do you think I can achieve around a small D with 450… READ MORE

Q: Does Breast Implant Profile Matter in Preventing Bottom Out?

I am 28, 5’8″, weighing 136 lbs, with smooth Saline Breast implants (425cc each), under the muscle. I went from a 36A to 36C. I am facing revision 10yrs later. My left breast is bottoming out about 1/2inch. I am going with the memory gel implant, under the muscle with a repair to the left. My surgeon wants to go slightly larger to push me… READ MORE

Q: Breast Implant Reduction Vs Exchange for Slim Frame?

I am 20 years old 5’7″, 114lbs., 29in rib cage, and very slim. I made the mistake of not doing research and ended up with 360cc’s putting me at a large C-cup. It looks so fake and now it’s impossible to fit in my clothing which is a size 0. My doctor said I’d have to get new Breast Implants if I wanted just 250cc… READ MORE

Q: Complications from 500cc Breast Implants?

I am 5’6″ tall; I weigh 120lbs; and I have 29″ ribcage with 34B breast size pre-op. My PS and I have decided on 500cc high profile breast implants that will be placed under the muscle. I will be having the surgery in 3 days. Now I am concerned that 500cc may look too big for me. I tried 500cc sizers on with many shirts… READ MORE

Q: Options for Rippling and Firmness from Saline Implants?

I have under the muscle saline smooth implants that ripple and are too firm. Before this I had silicone implants above the muscle that ruptured. They were rock hard and made me very ill. I would like to get rid of the rippling and firmness. Vitamin E did not help and I think that a 3rd surgery would do the same. Are there any real… READ MORE

Q: Can Breast Implants Make Breasts Look Symmetrical?

I am a mid-twenties woman with mild scoliosis, which causes my left ribs to stick out further than my right. My left breast appears larger partly because of this, and partly because of the difference in volume (nearly a cup size difference: B vs. C). The left (larger) breast is also placed much more on the outside of the torso than the right. Is breast… READ MORE

Q: Breast Implant Placement on Someone with Pectus Excavatum?

I am considering breast augmentation and I have pectus excavatum. Is it better to place implants over the muscle or under? I am considering 300cc or less. A: breast augmentation, pectus excavatum In patients with pectus excavatum (concave chest wall) subpectoral placement of breast implants can give a nice result. The implants can not be too large in size or they could end up too close… READ MORE