How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Every year, Dr. Bruno sees many Beverly Hills patients who are interested in having a Brazilian butt lift to enhance their figure. This increasingly popular cosmetic procedure has taken California by storm and has proven effective at providing the results so many desire. One of the questions that Dr. Bruno hears from his potential clients is regarding the recovery time after a butt lift. READ MORE

Is The Shape And Proportion Of My Buttocks Genetic?

Every year, Dr. Bruno sees hundreds of Beverly Hills women who are interested in having a butt augmentation to enhance their figure and acquire that ever so coveted hourglass shape. One common thread runs through many of his consultations – many of these women have tried every type of exercise in order to naturally increase the size and shape of their buttocks, with no success. They’re left wondering if they did something wrong, or if the shape and proportion of their buttocks is due to their genetic makeup. READ MORE

What’s The Best Procedure To Combine A Brazilian Butt Lift With?

During many Brazilian butt lift consultations with potential Beverly Hills patients, Dr. Bruno is often asked if he recommends combining any additional procedures during their butt lift. This is a great question. In fact, there are many benefits to combining plastic surgery procedures into one surgical event. Namely, men and women save time and money, and reduce their recovery time by combining plastic surgery procedures. READ MORE

What Is The Best Season To Get A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Women in Beverly Hills are drawn to the fuller, sculpted look of butts that can easily be seen in every direction. This plastic surgery procedure has become increasingly popular in recent years because of the dual purpose it serves – liposuction to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, with that fat transferred to the buttocks for increased fullness and lift. READ MORE

Reduce Fat Pockets On Your Hips, Thighs, Or Belly While Adding Fullness To Your Buttocks!

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures Dr. Bruno performs in his Beverly Hills clinic. While many of his clients are women who want to increase the fullness of their buttocks, many of them are surprised to learn that a main part of the butt lift procedure involves liposuction of fat from trouble spots of the body. This is the fat he injects into the buttocks to add fullness and create a more flattering shape. READ MORE

How Can a Fat Transfer to Buttocks Give You the Hourglass Body Shape?

Oh, the hourglass body shape. It’s something that many Beverly Hills women desire. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed by Mother Nature with this coveted silhouette. True, some of us have the bust and waistlines we want, but when it comes to the buttocks, we lack volume. From his years of experience as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Bruno understands that not having… READ MORE

Why is Fat Transfer to Buttocks So Effective?

Many Beverly Hills women want to have a curvier behind and have purposefully sought out plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno’s assistance to achieve one via a procedure known as fat transfer to buttocks. This surgery, which consists of harvesting fat cells via liposuction, processing the fat cells, and then injecting them into the patient’s bottom, has proven to be very effective for many of Dr. Bruno’s… READ MORE

How Long Before a Butt Lift Should I Stop Smoking?

We know you’re ready for your Beverly Hills Brazilian butt lift so you can have the curves you’ve always desired. But, if you’re like some of Dr. Bruno’s patients, there’s one thing standing in between you and the silhouette you desire. Nicotine. Whether you smoke cigarettes, vape, use chewing tobacco or smoking cessation products that have nicotine in them, like nicotine gum, your habit can… READ MORE

Can I Use Fat from a Donor for My Brazilian Butt Lift?

Perhaps you have that perfect, toned Beverly Hills body except for one thing: your butt. Maybe it’s just too flat, not curvy enough, or otherwise doesn’t accentuate your curves to give you that hourglass shape you desire. These reasons are probably why you found this blog – you’re researching the Brazilian butt lift surgery to see if it’s the right fit for you. But you… READ MORE

8 Things to Realistically Expect After a Butt Lift

Every year, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno consults with several Southern California women about getting a butt lift. Often desiring a curvier bottom or an hourglass silhouette, these potential plastic surgery patients usually come to their initial consultation with a full list of questions to ask Dr. Bruno about the procedure. To help keep you as informed as possible about the butt lift surgery,… READ MORE

4 Myths and Misconceptions About Butt Lifts

You’ve likely found this blog because you’re a Beverly Hills woman who is interested in getting a butt lift, and you’ve been doing a little Internet research. Well, don’t let “Dr. Google” scare you. The truth is, anytime you research a medical procedure such as plastic surgery on the Internet, you’re going to run into some false information including myths and misconceptions. Well, Dr. Bruno… READ MORE

What Are My Options for Butt Augmentation?

If you’re in the market for a butt augmentation, you’re probably considering all of your options. Having a fuller and more sculpted butt is something many people desire, and if you look around, you’ll see it’s definitely an attribute many people have. Unfortunately, you can do as many lunges and squats as you want, but you probably won’t achieve the precisely toned butt you desire…. READ MORE

Enhance and Shape Your Buttocks Without Butt Implants!

The first thing many people think about when they want to reshape and enhance their buttocks is getting implants. While this has been popular for many years, it’s now outdated and comes with a higher risk than newer procedures. There are a few positives to butt implants, but these days, the risks far outweigh the benefits. The Brazilian butt lift procedure is the most effective… READ MORE

Effects of Massive Weight Loss on Your Buttocks

Gaining an excessive amount of weight can affect your body in many ways. When you lose that weight, your body, and specifically your butt, goes through some changes, as well. Many of these changes are undesirable and unexpected. Even if you lose the weight properly, you may not be happy at the end of your weight loss journey. How does massive weight loss negatively impact… READ MORE

Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Reshape My Buttocks?

You don’t have to look too far to see that buttock augmentation is becoming very popular. Many people have heard of the Brazilian butt lift, but don’t necessarily know anything about the procedure. The truth is, the procedure will not only reshape your buttocks but can also transform the appearance of your entire lower back region and hips, creating an overall appearance you will be… READ MORE

What Size Buttocks Is Right For Me?

Having healthy and prominent buttocks is quickly becoming one of the most envied qualities for both men and women. While some patients talk to us about getting a rear-end like Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian, most of our patients aren’t sure what size buttocks will look best on them. One of Dr. Bruno’s favorite parts of his job is getting to talk with new patients… READ MORE

What Are The Chances I Will Need a Touch Up After My Initial Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hollywood sets the trends for much of the world when it comes to fitness and beauty. Having a well-formed and healthy buttocks is something that both men and women want to boost their self-esteem and feel confident about themselves. While dieting and proper exercise can help many people get the body they want, for others they just can’t seem to achieve the shape that they… READ MORE

What Types Of Surgery Options Are There For A Butt Lift

If your buttocks don’t have the kind of perky, ample curves that you want, it’s probably something that you notice every single day. Your pants may not fit right, your bathing suit may not have the shape you want, and your sense of self-esteem can take a serious hit because of it. But other than exercising your rear end with painful and strenuous workouts, what… READ MORE