Q: Does Restylane Work Like Botox on Forehead Lines and Wrinkles?

According to the Restylane website, Restylane may be used to decrease both the horizontal lines across the forehead and vertical line between the eyebrows. Can Restylane be used in place of Botox successfully? A: Botox, Restylane Botox is the treatment of choice for the horizontal lines of the forehead and the vertical lines between the eyes, just above the nose. However, in certain cases, if the… READ MORE

Q: Botox Units Needed to Correct Gummy Smile?

How many units of Botox is needed to reduce the amount of lifting of the upper lip when smiling, so as to correct a gummy smile? A: Botox for gummy smile If you truly have a gummy smile, Botox is not the definitive treatment for you. Although it may be temporary, it could distort your smile slightly and create some asymmetry while you are at rest…. READ MORE

Q: How Long Does Botox Last?

How long does Botox last? What determines how long it will work for me? A: Botox longevity Botox is an injectable chemical that can diminish the appearance of facial wrinkles for approximately 3-4 months. It works by weakening the muscles of the forehead and eye area (crow’s feet) thereby relaxing the overlying skin in those areas making the appearance of wrinkles less deep. Although the lines… READ MORE

Q: Botox for Tear Trough?

Hi, I have a question. Basically I’m 27 and have really bad self esteem. Around 3 years ago my eyes and cheeks started going south. I used to be happy, outgoing and confident but now I hide away and wake up everyday hoping its better. If I push the skin back on my temples ever so slightly I look how I should. I have deep… READ MORE

Q: Droopy Eyelids Caused by Botox?

How long does droopy eyelid last? I had a very small amount of Botox injected. A: Botox, drooping eyelids Drooping eyelids (eyelid ptosis) after Botox may occur if the chemical weakens the muscle that naturally keeps your eye open. This effect usually resolves within a few weeks and rarely lasts the full 3-4 months that Botox lasts in the forehead. The reason for this is that… READ MORE

Q: What Areas of my Face Can I Get Botox Injected?

I have wrinkles pretty much across my entire face! So where would Botox be best suited/safe/effective? A: Botox indications If you have wrinkles across your entire face, Botox may only be able to partially help you. Botox only works for dynamic wrinkles, those lines cause by overactive facial contractions, such as crow’s feet near eyes, frown lines in between eyes (above nose) and horizontal forehead lines…. READ MORE

Q: Fort Lauderdale Doctors for Botox Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

I’m from Fort Lauderdale area and I want to get Botox for hyperhidrosis. What kind of doctor should I see for this treatment? Does anyone who does Botox automatically does hyperhidrosis Botox treatment? How much will it cost me? I want to find a good and affordable doctor. Does anybody have recommendations? A: Botox for hyperhidrosis in Fort Lauderdale For treatment of excessive armpit sweating (hyperhidrosis) you can see… READ MORE

Q: Can Dentists Legally Offer Botox in CA?

Can a dentist offer cosmetic Botox and Dermal fillers in his or her practice in the state of CA? A: botox and fillers I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist if you are interested in Botox or facial fillers in the state of California. There are many other fields who may be attempting to use these products, but you must consider their… READ MORE

Q: Cannot Smile After Botox Injected into Cheeks

I have had Botox many times around the eyes, but he has always put Restylane in my cheeks. I am not sure why he decided to us Botox in my cheeks. He said it would relax the lines, but it also made it where I cannot smile and my facial expressions are off. I am very concerned and self-consious. I even have a problem eating…. READ MORE

Q: Is Botox Only Good for Certain Face Wrinkles and Lines?

or does botox injection help with all facial lines and furrows? A: Botox works for “dynamic” lines and wrinkles Lines on the face caused by excessive facial muscle contraction or movement respond to botox treatments.  The botox temporarily weakens the muscle, which relaxes the skin in the area, which creates a smoother look. This is best used for the crow’s feet area (sides of the eyes),… READ MORE

Q: What Are the Benefits of Botox?

A: Benefits of Botox Botox is a neurotoxin that temporarily weakens muscles and thereby minimizes the wrinkles/lines in the overlying skin of those muscles.  The effects last from 3-4 months.Most commonly used to treat dynamic facial wrinkles, Botox can also be used to treat excessive underarm sweating and  headaches. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist for more information on the indications of Botox…. READ MORE