Q: What to Expect on Scarring from Body Lift?

I have excess skin due to massive weight loss and it is recommended that I get a body lift. I did not have any surgeries, but was on medication for obesity and am insulin resistant. I am concerned about scarring on my arms. Any advice on what I can expect regarding scarring? A: Body lift, arm lift, and scarring A brachioplasty is the term for the… READ MORE

Q: Procedures to Tighten Loose Skin from Massive Weight Loss?

I’m a male 23 years old. I was 300 lbs. and now I’m 185 lbs. The problem is I have excess skin just above the penis area and around my stomach. Is there any exercise I can do to get rid of it? I work out a lot. What procedures are available to get rid of this? It’s really upsetting me. Please can you help… READ MORE

Q: Lift for Sagging Back Skin?

I am pretty thin, never had any weight problem and never had any plastic surgery on my body. However, I have sagging skin on both sides of my middle back. I can even pull it up to under my arms. It is only skin without fat. Is there a type of lift for that? It really bothers me a lot. Thank you for your help…. READ MORE

Q: How to Get Rid of Sagging Skin After Gastric Bypass and Weight Loss?

I had gastric bypass and my skin sags now. Where it folds (abdomen, thighs, arms), I get infections and painful rashses, and I’m looking for ways to stop this. What type of treatment or surgery is available to get rid of all the extra skin?  Could the sagging skin be fixed all at once or would it require me to have lots of things done… READ MORE

Q: Five Days Smoke Free Before Body Lift?

I am having torsoplasty (body lift) in five days and just stopped smoking today. Will five days smoke-free prior to surgery aid in my recovery as long as I continue not to smoke afterwards? A: Smoking and body lift surgery You should stop smoking about 2 to 3 weeks before and after any plastic surgery procedure, especially body contouring surgery. Smoking can increase your wound healing… READ MORE

Q: How Much Weight to Lose Before Body Lift?

I am a 41 yr old female and I weigh about 285 lbs. My height is 5 ft 9 in. How much weight must I lose to have a Body lift? A: body weight for a body lift You should be close to your ideal weight prior to having a body lift or any body contouring procedure.  Once you have been at a stable weight, for about… READ MORE