What Are The Signs Of A Ruptured Silicone Breast Implant?

A ruptured silicone breast implant is difficult to diagnose. It typically is not something you or your surgeon can feel on physical exam. The implants also generally look the same size as well.  The only accurate way to diagnose a ruptured silicone implant is by way of an MRI.  Regular mammograms and ultrasounds are not sensitive enough to detect a ruptured silicone breast implant. If… READ MORE

5 Dangers of plastic surgery

Be very careful when selecting your “doctor” to perform cosmetic plastic surgery. Keep these five things in mind when researching your procedure and your health care provider. 1. Make sure your doctor is actually a Plastic Surgeon.  Many “doctors” claim they do cosmetic plastic surgery when in reality, they are simply family practice doctors or gynecologists or dentists who are not trained in plastic surgery…. READ MORE

5 key questions to ask your plastic surgeon

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, here are some important questions that must be asked during your consultation. 1. Are you board certified? If so, by which board? This may seem obvious but there are many “plastic surgeons” who are really internists or dermatologists posing as plastic surgeons. Just because a doctor took a few weekend courses on a topic does not make… READ MORE

Is it Normal for a Doctor to Inject Me Once on Each Side for Crows Feet?

Number of injection sites for Botox If you are having your crow’s feet area treated (sides of the eyes), this is usually performed with multiple (3-4) injection sites, with each injection delivering about 2 units of Botox. It is difficult to treat any area with just one single injection. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist familiar with Botox injections if you have… READ MORE

Q: Mini Instead of Full Tummy Tuck to Avoid Scarring?

I am wanting a Tummy Tuck (TT) so bad, although I have researched them tremendously, I have came across Mini Tummy Tucks. I am 23 years old and have 2 kids. I am very uncomfortable with my stomach in front of my husband because of the saggy skin beneath my belly button. I have had a couple of consultations with plastic surgeons one says a… READ MORE

Q: Fat Transfer for Under Eye Hollows

I’ve heard about a procedure where my body fat can be transferred or injected on my under eye area for dark circles and hollowness. Is this safe, and will results be permanent? A: Fat transfer to lower eyelids Fat transfer to the lower eyelids is a good treatment for hollow areas beneath the eyelids. As we age, some of fat in this area atrophies or shrinks,… READ MORE

Q: What is Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty?

A friend mentioned getting Transconjunctival blepharoplasty.  What does this mean? Is it better than traditional eyelift surgery? I’m 52 and would like to help my under eye bags. A: Transconjunctival lower eyelid surgery Transconjuctival blepharoplasty refers to treating the lower eyelids through an incision hidden on the inside of the lower lid (not on the outer skin). This approach leaves no external scars and is good… READ MORE

Q: Browlift Vs Blepharoplasty – Which is Best for Sagging Eyelids?

Is a brow lift (forehead lift) better to raise sagging eyelids than a blepharoplasty? A: Blepharoplasty vs Brow Lift The tear trough area is the region under the eyes that can appear hollow and look like “bags or dark circles” under the eyes. A filler such as Juvederm or Restylane can be helpful at temporarily fillling in the depression and restoring a youthful look to the… READ MORE