I’ve always had kind of “chubby” ankles (cankles) and I would like more definition in this area.  Do doctors usually offer liposuction of the ankles, or is there some other procedure I should consider?  What about liposuction for the knees?  I just want my legs to look more shapely.

A: Liposuction of ankles can be successful in the right candidate

Liposuction of the ankle/calves, and knee area can be performed with good success in the right candidate. The goal of the surgery is to create a more defined transition between the lower calf area and the lower third of the leg/ankle area. This is accomplished through small incisions using small caliber metal cannulas. The knees can also be addressed during this time if needed. Patients may experience swelling in the area which can persist for several weeks if not a few months. During this time period patients will wear a compressive garment or wrap around the lower legs to minimize swelling. A patient who is in otherwise good physical health and is at their goal weight, usually makes the best candidate for this procedure.

An experienced board certified plastic surgeon will be able to determine if this is the right surgery for you.