You see it everywhere from tabloids to fitness magazines – the quest for a round and perky posterior has become a genuine cultural phenomenon. Maybe you weren’t blessed with a naturally voluptuous figure, but of course, that’s no reason to just give up an accept it. You have money – why not just hire the nearest personal trainer in Beverly Hills? Butt lifts can be achieved through hard work at the gym – it’s true – but, before you put on your yoga pants, you may want to consider what you’re signing up for.

Gym Memberships Don’t Come With Guarantees

Despite what the salespeople or trainers at the gym will tell you, working out regularly and maintaining good eating habits does not guarantee you the specific results you’re after. If it did, everyone at the gym would look like a supermodel. The truth is, a tight firm buttocks from the gym will cost you much more than your monthly dues. Consider the following:

  • Muscle Growth: If you’re looking to gain volume and firm up your rear, you’ll be doing it through muscle gains in your glutes. Unfortunately, because most people tend to favor one leg over the other, achieving even growth on both sides can be difficult.
  • Time Commitment: Working out for a better behind is anything but a fast solution. Not only do you have to be extremely consistent to see results but workout and recovery times by themselves mean you’re in for many months of work to get results.
  • Injury Potential: Squats and deadlifts are great for targeting your glutes, but they’re also the most common incorrectly performed lifts around. They require highly technical form and failure to do them properly can cause injury that will likely undo all your hard work while you recover.

The Better Alternative

We certainly aren’t discounting exercise – in fact, we recommend it for maintenance after a butt lift procedure – but if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to get the results you want, a butt lift is a better way to go.

During this simple outpatient procedure, Dr. Bruno takes excess fat from around your waist and precisely injects it into the buttocks to sculpt a perfect look. After a short 8 weeks, the new cells are fully integrated and, even if you lose fat, your body will still retain its new shape because fat is burned uniformly across the body. In less time (and, arguably, with less pain) than you’d spend at the gym, you have the firm, sexy rear you’ve always wanted AND a slimmer waistline. When you consider the facts, the choice is clear.

Get a tighter, firmer buttocks without the sweat and frustration of months of workouts. Call Beverly Hills Butt Lift expert Dr. Bruno for your consultation today.