Calf implant is a procedure that is done on patients who do not like how their calves look and instead want them to be corrected surgically. It is a type of cosmetic surgery that is becoming more popular. Many people turn to this procedure to correct the flaw on their calf. They can be used to achieve the desired look, to improve tone appearance and to help people who were born with birth defects that affect calf development or those who have been injured. Calf implant can be done using different techniques.

Before a patient gets the procedure one extremely important part is consultation. A patient should visit a specialist and discuss the details about the procedure. Any issue or queries should be asked so that the doctor may give the appropriate answers. The patient should inform the doctor the main intention of wanting the procedure done. The doctor will then advise on the best type of implant to get. This is according to aspects like the size and shape that can be used to achieve the desired results.

There are two common calf implant techniques. These include the sub muscular technique and the sub facial technique. The sub muscular technique involves inserting the calf implant under the muscle tissue. In the sub facial technique the calf implant is put under the dermis, which is the skin layer. The procedure that is commonly done is the sub facial muscle technique despite the fact that it is more effective to insert the implant under the sub muscular muscle. Calf implant Los Angeles is done by professionals.

The operation is done in about one or two hours and the patients do not need to stay overnight. Anesthesia is usually used but the type of anesthesia given depends on what a client feels comfortable with, these could be either the local or general anesthesia. An incision is then made at the calf directly behind the knee. The size of the incision should be wide enough for the calf to be able to fit in, but it should not be big so that the implant can fit in well. After this has been done the implant is placed just above or under the calf muscle. After both of them have been inserted the surgeon should ensure that they are even and look natural and perfect before finally closing the incision. The technique to be chosen will determine the procedure and materials. The cost of a calf implant is between $5,500 to 8,500.