I am 5’0″ and right now weigh 143 lbs. My body fat % is 35. I lost quite a bit of weight two years ago, then gained some back.

I definitely plan on losing weight before, but I really want to get a Breast reduction, Breast lift, then get Breast implants. Small ones of course. Is this possible? And how expensive do you think this could get?

I am a 38 DD, and they sag quite a bit. They are heavy, and make it hard to work out and enjoy my life. I would like to be about a C cup. But NATURAL looking.

William Bruno, MD answers: Breast reduction, lift and implants to get C cups from DD breasts?

A: Breast reduction, breast lift

If you have relatively large breasts (DD bra) then all you need is a breast reduction; no implants. You can easily be made a C cup and the reduction has a lift “built in” so to speak. Your shape will be improved and your nipple position will be elevated slightly.

This can be done with a circular incision around your areola and a vertical line from the bottom of your new areola to the crease under your breast. You should get done to your goal body weight prior to any breast surgery.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your options for breast reduction.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno